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Asian Ethnology [formerly Asian Folklore Studies]
Number 69, Volume2, 2010

Ethnographic Perspectives on Differentiating Shamans from other Ritual Intercessors. [213-240]
Sidky, H.

Narrative, Genre, and Contextuality: The “Nüshu”-Transcribed Liang-Zhu Ballad in Rural South China. [241-264]
Liu, Fei-wen

Sacred Dance at Sensōji: The Development of a Tradition. [265-292]
Groemer, Gerald

The Social Contract and Symbolic Structure in Three Vietnamese Tales of the “Last Born” [293-310]
Tran, Quynh Ngoc Bui

“Slit Belly Swamp”: A Japanese Myth of the Origin of the Pleiades? [311-331]
Palmer, Edwina

Research Note: Philippine Sungka and Cultural Contact in Southeast Asia. [333-342]
De Voogt, Alex

Review of: Tomoko Aoyama, “Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature”. [343-345]
Cwiertka, Katarzyna J.

Review of: Satsuki Kawano, “Nature’s Embrace: Japan’s Aging Urbanites and New Death Rites”. [345-347]
Mock, John

Review of: Christian Gohlert, “Die Verehrung von Wasserleichen und ihre Stellung im japanischen Volksglauben”. [348-349]
Riessland, Andreas

Review of: Jean-Marc Abela and Mark Patrick McGuire/Sandra Roth and Carina Roth, “Shugendō Now”/”Where mountains fly”. [350-352]
Rill, Bryan

Review of: Grace M. Cho, “Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War”. [352-354]
Soh, Chunghee Sarah

Review of: Laurel Kendall, “Shamans, Nostalgias, and the IMF: South Korean Popular Religion in Motion”. [354-356]
Walraven, Boudewijn

Review of: Snying bo rgyal and R. Solomon Rino, “Deity Men: Reb Gong Tibetan Trance Mediums in Transition”. [350-358]
Bender, Mark

Review of: Ashild Kolas and Monika P. Thowsen, “On the Margins of Tibet: Cultural Survival on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier”. [358-360]
Tan, Gillian G.

Review of: Stephen Jones, “Ritual and Music of North China: Shawm Bands in Shanxi” / “Ritual and Music of North China, Volume 2: Shaanbei”. [360-363]
Du, Yaxiong

Review of: Margaret B. Wan, “Green Peony and the Rise of the Chinese Martial Arts Novel”. [363-365]
McLaren, Anne E.

Review of: Grégory Delaplace, “L’invention des morts. Sepultures, fantômes et photographies en Mongolie contemporaine”. [365-370]
Munsi, Roger Vanzila

Review of: Olga Dror, “Cult, Culture, and Authority: Princess Lieu Hanh in Vietnamese History”. [370-372]
Fjelstad, Karen

Review of: Michael Hitchcock, Victor T. King, and Michael Parnwell, eds., “Tourism in Southeast Asia: Challenges and New Directions”. [373-374]
White, Merry

Review of: Anna Morcom, “Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema”. [374-376]
Hoek, Lotte

Review of: James Kippen, Gurudev’s “Drumming Legacy: Music, Theory and Nationalism in the Mrdang aur Tabla Vadanpaddhati of Gurudev Patwardhan”. [377-379]
Wolf, Richard



Asian Ethnology [formerly Asian Folklore Studies]
Number 69, Volume 1, 2010

“The Woman Waylaid at the Well” or “Paṇaghaṭa-līlā”: An Indian Folk Theme Appropriated in Myth and Movies. [1–33]
Pauwels, Heidi

Vengeful Spirits or Loving Spiritual Companions? Changing Views of Animal Spirits in Contemporary Japan. [35–67]
Ambros, Barbar

Performing Paradigms of Modern Rajput Masculinities: Men’s Songs to Rao Gopal Singh of Kharwa. [69–93]
Belli, Melia

Healing and Exorcism: Christian Encounters with Shamanism in Early Modern Korea. [95–128]
Oak, Sung-Deuk

Chaste Widows, Cunning Wives, and Amazonian Warriors: Imaging of Women in Tamil Oral Traditions. [129–157]
Ramaswamy, Vijaya

Review Essay: A Discussion on Nagasawa Sōhei's “Hayachine take kagura: Mai no shōchō to shakaiteki jissen”. [159–169]
Lancashire, Terence

Review of: Jürgen Wasim Frembgen, “Journey to God: Sufis and Dervishes in Islam”. [171–173]
Akasoy, Anna

Review of: Anthony R. Walker, ed. “Pika-Pika: The Flashing Firefly: Essays for Pauline Walker by her Friends in the Arts and Social Sciences”. [174–175]
Bender, Mark

Review of: Michael Dylan Foster. “Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Monsters and the Culture of Yōkai”. [176–180]
Kimbrough, Keller R.

Review of: Mariko Asano Tamanoi, “Memory Maps: The State and Manchuria in Postwar Japan”. [180–182]
DuBois, David Thomas

Review of: Wilburn Hansen, “When Tengu Talk: Hirata Atsutane’s Ethnography of the Other World”. [182–185]
Foster, Michael Dylan

Review of: Carolyn S. Stevens, “Japanese Popular Music: Culture, Authenticity, and Power”. [185–188]
White, Bruce

Review of: Mark W. MacWilliams, ed.,”Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime”. [188–190]
Thomas, Jolyon Baraka

Review of: Yang Erzeng, “The Story of Han Xiangzi: The Alchemical Adventures of a Daoist Immortal”. [191–193]
Campbell, Duncan M.

Review of: Barley Norton: “Songs for the Spirits: Music and Mediums in Modern Vietnam”. [194–198]
Jähnichen, Gisa

Review of:Robert W. Hefner, “Making Modern Muslims: The Politics of Islamic Education in Southeast Asia”. [198–201]
Zulfikar, Teuku

Review of: Robert Knox Dentan, “Overwhelming Terror: Love, Fear, Peace, and Violence among the Semai of Malaysia”. [202–204]
Fry, Douglas P.

Review of: Gabriele Alex, “Learning and Embodying Caste, Class and Gender: Patterns of Childhood in Rural Tamil Nadu”. [204–207]
Davis, Coralynn V.

Review of: Leland Liu Rogers, “The Golden Summary of Činggis Qačan: Činggis Qayan-u Altan Tobči”. [208–209]
Rossabi, Morris