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Asian Ethnology [formerly Asian Folklore Studies]
Number 71, Volume 2, 2012

The State of Local Cosmologies in Northwest Cambodia in the Aftermath of War [159–178]
Arensen, Lisa J.

On Conceptions of Paradise and the Tourist Spaces of Southern Sri Lanka [179–205]
Kravanja, Boštjan

The Vanishing Hitchhiker in Shillong: Khasi Belief Narratives and Violence Against Women [207–224]
Lyngdoh, Margaret

The Purification Process of Death: Mortuary Rites in a Japanese Rural Town [225–257]
Kim, Hyunchul

Tradition and Ideology: Creating and Performing New “Gushi” in China, 1962–1966 [259–280]
You, Ziying

Review of: Nile Green, “Sufism: A Global History” [281–284]
Tschacher, Torsten

Review of: Miyamoto Tsuneichi, trans. Jeffrey S. Irish, “The Forgotten Japanese: Encounters with Rural Life and Folklore” [284–287]
Chilson, Clark

Review of: Zília Papp, “Traditional Monster Imagery in Manga, Anime and Japanese Cinema” [288–290]
Foster, Michael Dylan

Review of: Peter Wynn Kirby, “Troubled Natures: Waste, Environment, Japan” [291–293]
Tamanoi, Mariko Asano

Review of: Sarah Mehlhop Strong, “Ainu Spirits Singing: The Living World of Chiri Yukie’s Ainu Shinyoshu” [294–295]
Neary, Ian

Review of: Matt Gillan, “Songs from the Edge of Japan: Music-making in Yaeyama and Okinawa” [296–298]
Potter, John

Review of: C. Fred Blake, “Burning Money: The Material Spirit of the Chinese Lifeworld” [298–300]
You, Ziying

Review of: Koen Wellens, “Religious Revival in the Tibetan Borderlands: The Premi of Southwest China” [300–302]
Yongjia, Liang

Review of: Deborah Baker, “The Convert: A Tale of Exile and Extremism” [302–304]
Hermansen, Marcia K.

Review of: Aditya Behl, trans., and Wendy Doniger, ed., “The Magic Doe: Qutban Suhravardī’s Mirigāvatī” [305–308]
Bard, Amy C.

Review of: Susan A. Reed, “Dance and the Nation: Performance, Ritual, and Politics in Sri Lanka” [308–310]
Wilcox, Emily E.

Review of: Trudy Jacobsen, “Lost Goddesses: The Denial of Female Power in Cambodian History” [311–314]
Young, Serinity

Review of: Mohd Anis Md Nor and Stephanie Burridge, eds., “Sharing Identities: Celebrating Dance in Malaysia” [315–317]
Clark, Marshall

Review of: E. Douglas Lewis, “The stranger-kings of Sikka” [317–319]
Lee, Julian CH



Asian Ethnology [formerly Asian Folklore Studies]
Number 71, Volume 1, 2012

Editors' Introduction [1–2]
Dorman, Benjamin, and Frank. J. Korom

Haunting Modernity: “Tanuki”, Trains, and Transformation in Japan [3–29]
Foster, Michael Dylan

The Shift from Herding to Hunting among the Siberian Evenki [31–47]
Takakura Hiroki

An Introduction to Tibetan “Sa bstod” Speeches in A mdo [49–73]
Thurston, Timothy

Wobbly Aesthetics, Performance, and Message: Comparing Japanese “Kyara” with their Anthropomorphic Forebears [109–132]
Occhi, Debra J.

Review of: Tiantian Zheng, “Red Lights: The Lives of Sex Workers in Postsocialist China” [138–139]
Manalansan, Martin F.

Review of: Beata Grant and Wilt L. Idema (trans. and intro.), “Escape from Blood Pond Hell: The Tales of Mulian and Woman Huang” [135–137]
Berezkin, Rostislav

Review of: Ou Chaoquan, “Life in a Kam Village in Southwest China, 1930–1949” [133–135]
Bender, Mark

“Shantang”: Charitable Temples in China, Singapore, and Malaysia [75–107]
Tan Chee-Beng

Review of: Ju-Hong Yun and Pashai Language Committee, “On a mountain there is still a road” [153–155]
Unseth, Peter

Review of: Kausik Bandyopadhyay, “Scoring Off The Field: Football Culture in Bengal, 1911–80” [151–152]
McKay, A. C.

Review of: Pratibha Mandal, “An Approach to Cultural Mapping in North-East India in Respect to Tribal Tales” [148–150]
Bender, Mark

Review of: Robert Cribb, “Digital Atlas of Indonesia” [146–148]
Coté, Joost

Review of: Herminia Meñez Coben, “Verbal Arts in Philippine Indigenous Communities: Poetics, Society, and History” [145–146]
Manalansan, Martin F.

Review of: Henry Johnson, “The Shamisen: Tradition and Diversity” [142–144]
Keister, Jay

Review of: Roald Knutsen, “Tengu: The Shamanic and Esoteric Origins of the Japanese Martial Arts” [140–142]
Hansen, Wilburn