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Asian Ethnology [formerly Asian Folklore Studies]
Number 75, Volume 1, 2016

Salvage and Salvation: Guest Editors’ Introduction [1–28]
Fountain, Philip, and Levi McLaughlin

Puripetal Force in the Charitable Field [29–51]
Benthall, Jonathan

Buddhist Disaster Relief: Monks, Networks, and the Politics of Religion [53–74]
Samuels, Jeffrey

“Sevā”, Hindutva, and the Politics of Post-Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction in Rural Kutch [75–104]
Bhattacharjee, Malini

Hard Lessons Learned: Tracking Changes in Media Presentations of Religion and Religious Aid Mobilization after the 1995 and 2011 Disasters in Japan [105–137]
McLaughlin, Levi

Playful Relief: Folk Performing Arts in Japan after the 2011 Tsunami [139–162]
Miichi, Ken

Mennonite Disaster Relief and the Interfaith Encounter in Aceh, Indonesia [163–190]
Fountain, Philip

Religion and Reconstruction in the Wake of Disaster [191–202]
Feener, R. Michael, and Patrick Daly

Research Note: Documenting Religious Responses to 3.11 on Film [203–219]
Graf, Tim

Review of: Debbie Lum, “Seeking Asian Female” [221–223]
Bishop, John Melville

Review of: Vikram Gandhi, “Kūmāré: The True Story of a False Prophet” [223–225]
Lindquist, Steven E.

Review of: The Sophia Hilton Foundation of Canada, Animation, Artwork, and Storytelling, “The Legend of Ponnivala” [225–226]
Monius, Anne E.

Review of: Mark Singleton and Ellen Goldberg, eds., “Gurus of Modern Yoga” [227–229]
Hauser, Beatrix

Review of: Fuyubi Nakamura, Morgan Perkins, and Olivier Krischer, eds., “Asia through Art and Anthropology: Cultural Translation Across Borders” [230–232]
Igarashi, Masumi

Review of: Alex Norman and Carole M. Cusack, eds., “Religion, Pilgrimage, and Tourism” [232–233]
Korom, Frank J.

Review of: Robert M. Carmack, “Anthropology and Global History: From Tribes to the Modern World-System” [234–235]
Shankman, Paul

Review of: Jonathan H. X. Lee and Kathleen Nadeau, eds., “Asian American Identities and Practices: Folkloric Expressions in Everyday Life” [236–237]
Tangherlini, Timothy R.

Review of: Francesca R. Sborgi Lawson, “The Narrative Arts of Tianjin: Between Music and Language” [238–240]
Meeker, Lauren

Review of: Wilt L. Idema, “The Metamorphosis of Tianxian pei: Local Opera Under the Revolution” (1949–1956) [240–241]
Stock, Jonathan P. J.

Review of: Zoe C. Sherinian, “Tamil Folk Music as Dalit Liberation Theology” [242–245]
Allen, Matthew

Review of: Antoinette Elizabeth DeNapoli, “Real Sadhus Sing to God: Gender, Asceticism, and Vernacular Religion in Rajasthan” [246–248]
Kim, Hanna H.

Review of: Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton, eds. and trans., “The Rigveda” (3 volume set) [249–254]
Smith, Frederick M.

Review of: Albertus Bagus Laksana, “Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices: Explorations Through Java” [255–259]
Coté, Joost

Review of: Mark J. Hudson, Ann-elise Lewallen, and Mark K. Watson, eds., “Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Perspectives” [259–261]
Métraux, Daniel A.

Review of: Jonathan Stockdale, “Imagining Exile in Heian Japan: Banishment in Law, Literature, and Cult” [261–263]
Métraux, Daniel A.

Review of: Daniel Bass, “Everyday Ethnicity in Sri Lanka: Up-country Tamil Identity Politics” [263–266]
Jegathesan, Mythri

Review of: Peter Maguire and Mike Ritter, “Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade” [266–269]
Kravanja, Boštjan

Review of: Peter Schwieger, “The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China: A Political History of the Tibetan Institution of Reincarnation” [269–272]
McKay, A. C.