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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 35, Volume 2, 2008

Zen and the Art of Nourishing Life: Labor, Exhaustion, and the Malady of Meditation [177–230]
Ahn, Juhn Y.

Early Japanese Christian Thought Reexamined: Confucian Ethics, Catholic Authority, and the Issue of Faith in the Scholastic Theories of Habian, Gomez, and Ricci [231–262]
Paramore, Kiri

Against the Ghosts of Recent Past: Meiji Scholarship and the Discourse on Edo-Period Buddhist Decadence [263–304]
Klautau, Orion

Household Altars in Contemporary Japan: Rectifying Buddhist “Ancestor Worship” with Home Décor and Consumer Choice [305–330]
Nelson, John

Mahikari in Context: “Kamigakari, Chinkon kishin”, and Psychical Investigation in Ōmoto-lineage Religions [331–362]
Broder, Anne

Review article: A Day in the Life: Two Recent Works on Dōgen’s Shōbōgenzō “Gyōji” [Sustained Practice] Fascicle [363–372]
Heine, Steven

Review of: Helen Baroni, “Iron Eyes: The Life and Teachings of Ōbaku Zen Master Tetsugen Dōkō” [373–375]
Watt, Paul B.

Review of: Hee-Jin Kim, “Dōgen on Meditation and Thinking: A Reflection on His View of Zen” [376–380]
O'Leary, Joseph S.

Review of: Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen, “Emptiness and Temporality: Buddhism and Medieval Japanese Poetics” [380–383]
Kimbrough, R. Keller

Review of: Nancy K. Stalker, “Prophet Motive: Deguchi Onisaburō, Oomoto, and the Rise of New Religions in Imperial Japan” [384–387]
Dorman, Benjamin

Review of: Philip L. Nicoloff, “Sacred Kōyasan: A Pilgrimage to the Mountain Temple of Saint Kōbō Daishi and the Great Sun Buddha” [387–390]
Reader, Ian

Review of: John Breen, ed., “Yasukuni, the War Dead, and the Struggle for Japan’s Past” [390–393]
Maxey, Trent

Review of: John P. Hoffman, “Japanese Saints: Mormons in the Land of the Rising Sun” [394–397]
Anderson, Emily

Review of: Robert E. Carter, “The Japanese Arts and Self-cultivation” [397–400]
Molle, Andrea

Review of: John D’Arcy May, ed. “Converging Ways: Conversion and Belonging in Buddhism and Christianity” [400–402]
O'Leary, Joseph



Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 35, Volume 1, 2008
Japanese Religions in Brazil
Guest Editors: Rafael Shoji and Frank Usarski

Editors' Introduction: Japanese Religions in Brazil [1–12]
Shoji, Rafael and Frank Usarski

The Failed Prophecy of Shinto Nationalism and the Rise of Japanese Brazilian Catholicism [13–38]
Shoji, Rafael

“The Last Missionary to Leave the Temple Should Turn Off the Light”: Sociological Remarks on the Decline of Japanese “Immigrant” Buddhism [39–59]
Usarski, Frank

Intellectuals and Japanese Buddhism in Brazil [61–79]
de Albuquerque, Eduardo Basto

All Roads Come from Zen: Busshinji as a Reference to Buddhism [81–94]
Rocha, Cristina

The Transplantation of Soka Gakkai to Brazil: Building “the Closest Organization to the Heart of Ikeda-Sensei” [95–113]
Pereira, Ronan Alves

The Development of Japanese New Religions in Brazil and Their Propagation in a Foreign Culture [115–144]
Watanabe, Masako

Japanese Religions, Calendars, and Religious Culture in Brazil [145–159]
Nakamaki, Hirochika

Review of: Ronan Alves Pereira and Hideaki Matsuoka, “Japanese Religions in and Beyond the Japanese Diaspora” [161–165]
Matsue, Regina Yoshie

Review of: Hideaki Matsuoka, “Japanese Prayer below the Equator: How Brazilians Believe in the Church of World Messianity” [166–170]
Tomita, Andrea

Review of: Cristina Rocha, “Zen in Brazil: The Quest for Cosmopolitan Modernity” [170–173]
Usarski, Frank