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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 36, Volume 1, 2009
Special issue: Vernacular Buddhism and Medieval Japanese Literature
Guest Editors: Keller Kimbrough and Hank Glassman

Editors’ Introduction: Vernacular Buddhism and Medieval Japanese Literature [201-208]
Keller Kimbrough and Hank Glassman

Illustrating the Mind: “Faulty Memory” Setsuwa and the Decorative Sutras of Late Classical and Early Medieval Japan [209-230]
Charlotte Eubanks

Animating Objects: “Tsukumogami ki” and the Medieval Illustration of Shingon Truth [231-257]
Noriko T. Reider

Wine, Rice, or Both? Overwriting Sectarian Strife in the Tendai “Shuhanron” Debate [259-278]
Takeshi Watanabe

Hachikazuki: Revealing Kannon’s Crowning Compassion in Muromachi Fiction [279-294]
Monika Dix

Tonsuring the Performer: Image, Text, and Narrative in the Ballad-Drama Shizuka [295-317]
Elizabeth Oyler

Officials of the Afterworld: Ono no Takamura and the Ten Kings of Hell in the Chikurinji engi Illustrated Scrolls [319-349]
Haruko Wakabayashi

Demonology and Eroticism: Islands of Women in the Japanese Buddhist Imagination [351-380]
D. Max Moerman

Review of: Jean-Noël Robert, “La Centurie du Lotus. Poèmes de Jien (1155–1225) sur le Sūtra du Lotus” [381-384]
O'Leary, Joseph

Review of: Jacqueline I. Stone and Mariko Namba Walter, eds. “Death and the Afterlife in Japanese Buddhism” [384-388]
Kimbrough, Keller

Review of: Kenji Matsuo, “A History of Japanese Buddhism” [388-391]
Rhodes, Robert

Review of: Kiri Paramore, “Ideology and Christianity in Japan” [392-394]
Nosco, Peter

Review of: Barbara Ambros, “Emplacing a Pilgrimage: The Ōyama Cult and Regional Religion in Early Modern Japan” [394-396]
Swanson, Paul L.



Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 36, Volume 1, 2009
Special issue Honoring Helen Hardacre
Guest Editors: Barbara Ambros, Regan E. Murphy, Duncan Williams

Editors’ Introduction: Helen Hardacre and the Study of Japanese Religion [1-9]
Ambros, Barbara and Duncan Williams with Regan E. Murphy

The Development of the Temple-Parishioner System [11-26]
Tamamuro, Fumio

The Purple Robe Incident and the Formation of the Early Modern Sōtō Zen Institution [27-43]
Williams, Duncan

Invitation to the Secret Buddha of Zenkōji: Kaichō and Religious Culture in Early Modern Japan [45-63]
Hur, Nam-lin

Esoteric Buddhist Theories of Language in Early Kokugaku: The Sōshaku of the Man’yō daishōki [65-91]
Murphy, Regan E.

State Shinto in the Lives of the People: The Establishment of Emperor Worship, Modern Nationalism, and Shrine Shinto in Late Meiji [93-124]
Shimazono Susumu

The Adventures of a Japanese Monk in Colonial Korea: Sōma Shōei’s Zen Training with Korean Masters [125-165]
Kim Hwansoo

Researching Place, Emplacing the Researcher: Reflections on the Making of a Documentary on a Pilgrimage Confraternity [167-197]
Ambros, Barbara