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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 37, Volume 2, 2010

The Land-Pulling Myth and Some Aspects of Historic Reality [185-222]
Carlqvist, Anders

Changing the Calendar: Royal Political Theology and the Suppression of the Tachibana Naramaro Conspiracy of 757 [223-245]
Bender, Ross

Gods, Buddhas, and Organs: Buddhist Physicians and Theories of Longevity in Early Medieval Japan [247-273]
Drott, Edward R.

Dancing as if Possessed: A Coming out Party in Edo Spirit Society [275-294]
Hansen, Wilburn

Resurrecting the Sacred Land of Japan: The State of Shinto in the Twenty-First Century [295-315]
Breen, John

Geopolitical Mission Strategy: The Case of the Unification Church in Japan and Korea [317-334]
Sakurai, Yoshihide

Social Behavior and Religious Consciousness among Shin Buddhist Practitioners [335-366]
Dessi, Ugo

Review article: Yes! We Have No Buddha-Nature: Three Recent Publications on Zen Dialogues [367-376]
Heine, Steven

Review of: Lori Meeks, “Hokkeji and the Reemergence of Female Monastic Orders in Premodern Japan” [377-380]
Londo, William

Review of: Cynthea J. Bogel, “With A Single Glance: Buddhist Icon and Early Mikkyō Vision” [380-383]
Swanson, Eric

Review of: Jinhua Chen, “Legend and Legitimation: The Formation of Tendai Esoteric Buddhism in Japan” [383-385]
Swanson, Paul L.

Review of: John Breen and Mark Teeuwen, “A New History of Shinto” [385-388]
Lande, Aasulv

Review of: Bernard Faure, Michael Como, “Iyanaga Nobumi (eds.), Rethinking Medieval Shintō/Respenser le shintō medieval” [389-394]
Teeuwen, Mark

Review of: Haruko Nawata Ward, “Women Religious Leaders in Japan’s Christian Century, 1549–1650” [394-396]
Hommes, Jim

Review of: Jane Naomi Iwamura, “Virtual Orientalism: Asian Religions and American Popular Culture” [397-399]
Pak, Su Yon

Review of: Isomae Jun’ichi, “Japanese Mythology: Hermeneutics on Scripture” [400-402]
Maxey, Trent

Review of: “Shugendō Now”; “Where mountains fly”; “Shugen Haguro-san Aki no Mine” (Three Shugendō documentaries) [402-405]
Swanson, Paul L.



Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 37, Volume 1, 2010
Special issue: Religion and the Japanese Empire
Guest Editor: Richard M. Jaffe

Editor’s Introduction: Religion and the Japanese Empire [1-7]
Jaffe, Richard M.

Chinese Buddhism and the Anti-Japan War [9-20]
Sueki, Fumihiko

Shinto Deities that Crossed the Sea: Japan’s “Overseas Shrines”, 1868 to 1945 [21-46]
Nakajima, Michio

A Concept of “Overseas Shinto Shrines”: A Pantheistic Attempt by Ogasawara Shōzō and Its Limitations [47-74]
Suga, Kōji

Han Yong’un (1879–1944) and Buddhist Reform in Colonial Korea [75-97]
Hur, Nam-lin

“The Future of Korean Buddhism Lies in My Hands”: Takeda Hanshi as a Sōtō Missionary [99-135]
Kim, Hwansoo

Beyond Big Events, Their Heroes, the Nation, and the Sect: A Review of Recent Books Published in Japanese on Premodern Japanese Religion (Part One) [137-152]
Ruppert, Brian O.

Review of: Shoji Yamada, “Shots in the Dark: Japan, Zen and the West” [153-160]
Hori, Victor Sōgen

Review of:Ruth Fuller Sasaki, “translation and commentary, Thomas Yūhō Kirchner, ed., with forewords by Mumon Yamada and Kazuhiro Furuta, The Record of Linji” [160-162]
Schlütter, Morten

Review of: R. Keller Kimbrough, “Preachers, Poets, Women, and the Way: Izumi Shikibu and the Buddhist Literature of Medieval Japan” [163-167]
Deal, William E.

Review of: Dennis Hirota, Asura’s “Harp: Engagement with Language as Buddhist Path” [167-170]
O’Leary, Joseph S.

Review of: Kenneth Doo Young Lee, “The Prince and the Monk: Shōtoku Worship in Shinran’s Buddhism” [170-172]
O’Leary, Joseph S.

Review of: Hamish Ion, “American Missionaries, Christian Oyatoi, and Japan, 1859–73” [172-175]
Hommes, Jim

Review of: Marcello Ghilardi, “na logica del vedere. Estetica ed etica nel pensiero di Nishida Kitarō” [175-178]
Heisig, James W.

Review of: Robert Wilkinson, “Nishida and Western Philosophy” [178-182]
Heisig, James W.