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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 39, Volume 2, 2012

The Discipline of Writing Scribes and Purity in Eighth-Century Japan [201-239]
Lowe, Bryan D.

Buddhist Debate and the Production and Transmission of “Shōgyō” in Medieval Japan [241-273]
Sango, Asuka

Battling “Tengu”, Battling Conceit Visualizing Abstraction in “The Tale of the Handcart Priest” [275-305]
Kimbrough, R. Keller

“The Matter of the Zen School”: Fukansai Habian’s “Myōtei mondō” and His Christian Polemic on Buddhism [307-331]
Baskind, James

A Blueprint for Buddhist Revolution: The Radical Buddhism of Seno’o Girō (1889–1961) and the Youth League for Revitalizing Buddhism [333-351]
Shields, James Mark

Spiritual Therapies in Japan [353-385]
Gaitanidis, Ioannis

Review of: Mark Michael Rowe, “Bonds of the Dead: Temples, Burial, and the Transformation of Contemporary Japanese Buddhism” [387-391]
Pinto, Victoria Rose

Review of: Sakai Naoki and Isomae Jun’ichi, eds., “Overcoming Modernity and the Kyoto School: Modernity, Empire, and Universality” [391-394]
Yusa Michiko

Review of: Benjamin Dorman, “Celebrity Gods: New Religions, Media, and Authority in Occupied Japan” [395-399]
Nakano Tsuyoshi

In memoriam: Jan Swyngedouw (1935–2012) [401-402]
Reid, David



Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 39, Volume 1, 2012

Editors’ Introduction. Impact and Ramifications: The Aftermath of the Aum Affair in the Japanese Religious Context [1-28]
Baffelli, Erica, and Ian Reader

Scholarly Reactions to the Aum and Waco Incidents [153-177]
Dorman, Benjamin

Horrific “Cults” and Comic Religion Manga after Aum [127-151]
Thomas, Jolyon Baraka

The Neo-Nationalist Response to the Aum Crisis [99-125]
Mullins, Mark R.

Twice Bitten, Once Shy: Religious Organizations and Politics after the Aum Attack [77-98]
Klein, Axel

Did Aum Change Everything? What Soka Gakkai Before, During, and After the Aum Shinrikyo Affair Tells Us About the Persistent “Otherness” of New Religions in Japan [51-75]
McLaughlin, Levi

Hikari no Wa: A New Religion Recovering from Disaster [29-49]
Baffelli, Erica

Globally Aum: The Aum Affair, Counterterrorism, and Religion [179-198]
Reader, Ian