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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 40, Volume 2, 2013

The Ritual Narration of Mortuary Art: The “Illustrated Story of Emperor Antoku” and Its “Etoki” at Amidaji [203-245]
Gunji, Naoko

Historicizing Japan’s Abject Femininity: Reading Women’s Bodies in “Nihon ryōiki” [247-275]
Dumas, Raechel

Neither Nun nor Laywoman: The Good Wives and Wise Mothers of Jōdo Shinshū Temples [277-301]
Starling, Jessica

The Overlooked Connection between Ricci’s “Tianzhu shiyi” and Valignano’s “Catechismus Japonensis” [303-322]
Meynard, Thierry, S.J.

What’s at Stake in Designating Japan’s Sacred Mountains as UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Shugendo Practices in the Kii Peninsula [323-354]
McGuire, Mark Patrick

Constructing Histories, Thinking Ritual Gatherings, and Rereading “Native” Religion: A Review of Recent Books Published in Japanese on Premodern Japanese Religion (Part Two) [355-375]
Ruppert, Brian O.

Review of: Inken Prohl and John Nelson, eds., “Handbook of Contemporary Japanese Religions” [377-382]
Reader, Ian

Review of: H. Byron Earhart, “Religion in Japan: Unity and Diversity” [383-385]
Thumas, Jonathan

Review of: Thomas Donald Conlan, “From Sovereign to Symbol: An Age of Ritual Determinism in Fourteenth-Century Japan” [386-393]
Ruppert, Brian O.

Review of: Franz Winter, “Hermes und Buddha: Die neureligiöse Bewegung Kōfuku no kagaku in Japan” [393-401]
Ambros, Barbara

Review of: James W. Heisig, “Nothingness and Desire: An East-West Philosophical Antiphony [401-404]
Harding, Christopher

Review of: Haruko Wakabayashi, “The Seven Tengu Scrolls: Evil and the Rhetoric of Legitimacy in Medieval Japanese Buddhism” [404-407]
Kimbrough, R. Keller

Review of: Agustín Jacinto Zavala, ed., “Alternativas filosóficas. Investigaciones recientes sobre Nishida Kitarō, fundador de la Escuela de Kioto” [408-410]
García, Raquel Bouso



Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 40, Volume 1, 2013

Editors’ Introduction: Onmyodo in Japanese History [1-18]
Hayashi Makoto and Matthias Hayek

Chinese Religion and the Formation of Onmyōdō [19-43]
Masuo Shin’ichirō

Auspicious Omens in the Reign of the Last Empress of Nara Japan, 749–770 [45-76]
Bender, Ross

A Portrait of Abe no Seimei [77-97]
Shigeta Shin’ichi

Uncovering “Shikigami”: The Search for the Spirit Servant of Onmyōdō [99-129]
Pang, Carolyn

The Development of Early Modern Onmyōdō [151-167]
Hayashi Makoto

Correcting the Old, Adapting the New: Baba Nobutake and the (Relative) Rejuvenation of Divination in the Seventeenth Century [169-188]
Hayek, Matthias

Review of: Umeda Chihiro, “Kinsei Onmyōdō soshiki no kenkyū” [Research on early modern Onmyōdō organization] [189-193]
Sawa Hirokatsu

Review of: Hosoi Hiroshi, “Kodai no tenmon ihen to shisho” [Official chronicles and astronomical anomalies of ancient Japan] [194-197]
Hayek, Matthias

Review of: Komatsu Kazuhiko, “Izanagi-ryū no kenkyū: Reki­shi no naka no Izanagi-ryu tayū” [Studies on Izanagi-ryū: A historical survey of Izanagi-ryū tayū] [197-200]
Hayashi Makoto