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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 41, Volume 2, 2014

Contingent and Contested: Preliminary Remarks on Buddhist Catalogs and Canons in Early Japan [221-253]
Lowe, Bryan D.

Appendix: Chart of Various Hīnayāna Scriptures in Two Catalogs
Lowe, Bryan D.

Dharanis, Talismans, and Straw-Dolls Ritual Choreographies and Healing Strategies of the “Rokujikyōhō” in Medieval Japan [255-304]
Lomi, Benedetta

Ticket to Salvation Nichiren Buddhism in Miyazawa Kenji’s “Ginga tetsudō no yoru” [305-345]
Holt, Jon

Who Benefits? Religious Practice, Blind Women (Goze), “Harugoma”, and “Manzai” [347-386]
Groemer, Gerald

Review Article: Ishii Shūdō’s Contributions to Dōgen Studies Examining Chinese Influences on the “Kana” and “Kanbun” Texts [387-404]
Heine, Steven

Review of: Gina Cogan, “The Princess Nun: Bunchi, Buddhist Reform, and Gender in Early Edo Japan” [405-408]
Mitchell, Matthew

Review of: R. Keller Kimbrough, trans., “Wondrous Brutal Fictions: Eight Buddhist Tales from the Early Japanese Puppet Theater” [408-412]
Lee, William

Review of: Pamela D. Winfield, “Icons and Iconoclasm in Japanese Buddhism: Kūkai and Dōgen on the Art of Enlightenment” [412-415]
Swanson, Eric Haruki

Review of: Tullio Federico Lobetti, “Ascetic Practices in Japanese Religion” [416-418]
Dahl, Shayne A. P.

Review of: Ugo Dessì, “Japanese Religions and Globalization” [419-422]
Plasencia, Girardo Rodriguez

Review of: Isabelle Prochaska-Meyer, “Kaminchu: Spirituelle Heilerinnen in Okinawa” [422-426]
Staemmler, Birgit



Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 41, Volume 1, 2014

Editors’ Introduction: The “Lotus Sutra” in Japan [1-23]
Groner, Paul, and Jacqueline I. Stone

“Ōjōden”, the “Hokke genki”, and Mountain Practices of Devotees of the “Sutra” [65-82]
Kikuchi Hiroki

The Identity between the Purport of the Perfect and Esoteric Teachings [83-102]
Ōkubo Ryōshun

The “Lotus Sutra” and the Perfect-Sudden Precepts [103-131]
Groner, Paul

The Tendai Debates of 1131 at Hosshōji [131-151]
Minowa Kenryō

The Atsuhara Affair: The “Lotus Sutra”, Persecution, and Religious Identity in the Early Nichiren Tradition [153-189]
Stone, Jacqueline I.

Interfaith Dialogue and a “Lotus” Practitioner: Yamada Etai, the “Lotus Sutra”, and the Religious Summit Meeting on Mt. Hiei [191-217]
Covell, Stephen G.