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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 42, Volume 2, 2015

Christian Wedding Ceremonies: “Nonreligiousness” in Contemporary Japan [185–203]
LeFebvre, Jesse R.

Sacred Forests, Sacred Nation: The Shinto Environmentalist Paradigm and the Rediscovery of “Chinju no Mori” [205–233]
Rots, Aike P.

Nichirenism, Utopianism, and Modernity: Rethinking Ishiwara Kanji’s East Asia League Movement [235–274]
Godart, G. Clinton

“To Tread on High Clouds”: Dreams of Eternal Youth in Early Japan [275–317]
Drott, Edward R.

The Inexhaustible Lamp of Faith: Faith and Awakening in the Japanese Rinzai Tradition [319–338]
Joskovich, Erez Hekigan

From Deer Bones to Turtle Shells: The State Ritualization of Pyro-Plastromancy during the Nara-Heian Transition [339–380]
Kory, Stephan N.

Review of: William E. Deal and Brian Ruppert, “A Cultural History of Japanese Buddhism” [381–385]
Green, Ronald S.

Review of: Heather Blair, “Real and Imagined: The Peak of Gold in Heian Japan” [385–391]
Thumas, Jonathan E.

Review of: Sébastien Penmellen Boret, “Japanese Tree Burial: Ecology, Kinship and the Culture of Death” [392–395]
Rots, Aike P.

Review of: Robert Magliola, “Facing Up to Real Doctrinal Difference: How Some Thought-Motifs from Derrida can Nourish the Catholic-Buddhist Encounter” [395–398]
O’Leary, Joseph S.



Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 42, Volume 1, 2015

Editors’ Introduction: Engi: Forging Accounts of Sacred Origins [1-26]
Blair, Heather, and Kawasaki Tsuyoshi

Revisiting the Dragon Princess: Her Role in Medieval “Engi” Stories and Their Implications in Reading the “Lotus Sutra” [27-70]
Abé, Ryūichi

The Buddha and the Bathwater: Defilement and Enlightenment in the “Onsenji engi” [71-87]
Moerman, D. Max

Memories and Strategic Silence in “Jōdoji engi” [109-131]
Goodwin, Janet R., and Kevin Wilson

The Invention and Reception of the “Mino’odera engi” [133-155]
Kawasaki, Tsuyoshi

The Reproduction of Engi and Memorial Offerings: Multiple Generations of the Ashikaga Shoguns and the “Yūzū nenbutsu engi emaki” [157-182]
Takagishi, Akira