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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Number 43, Volume 1, 2016

Editors’ Introduction: Kōshiki in Japanese Buddhism [1–15]
Ambros, Barbara R., James L. Ford, and Michaela Mross

Materializing and Performing Prajñā: Jōkei’s Mañjuśrī Faith and the Kasagidera Restoration [17–54]
Quinter, David

The Buddhist Affirmation of Poetry and Locating a Thirteenth-century “Fugen kōshiki” in Liturgical Literature [55–88]
Jamentz, Michael E.

Imagining Rāhula in Medieval Japan: The “Raun kōshiki” [131–151]
Meeks, Lori

“Jingi kōshiki”: A Neglected Field of Study [153–175]
Guelberg, Niels

Recognizing the Founder, Seeing Amida Buddha: Kakunyo’s “Hōon kōshiki” [177–205]
Callahan, Christopher

A Rite of Their Own: Japanese Buddhist Nuns and the “Anan kōshiki” [207–250]
Ambros, Barbara R.

Online supplement 1: “Jōkei’s Monju Kōshiki” in Five Parts (c. 1196) [1–17]
Quinter, David

Online supplement 2: “Myōe’s Nehan kōshiki”: An Annotated Translation [1–20]
Mross, Michaela

Online supplement 3: “Anan kōshiki”: An Annotated Translation [1–24]
Ambros, Barbara R.