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  New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies    


New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, Volume 3 No. 2, December 2001


Laurence Wai-teng Leong, Consuming the Nation: National Day Parades in Singapore

Erik Kolig, Modernisation Without Secularisation: Civil Pluralism, Democratisation and Re-Islamisation in Indonesia

Russell Smyth, Labour Market Reform in China's State-owned Enterprises: A Case Study of Post-Deng Fushun in Liaoning Province

Peter Oblas, In Defence of Japan in China: One Man's Quest for The Logic of Sovereignty

Neville Bennett, White Discrimination Against Japan: Britain, The Dominions and The United States, 1908 - 1928

Nanyang Guo, Interpreting Japan's Interpreters: The Problem of Lafcadio Hearn

Nie Jing-bao, Refutation of The Claim That The Ancient Chinese Described The Circulation of Blood: A Critique of Scientism in The Historiography of Chinese Medicine

Graduate Research Essay

Stephen McDowall, In Lieu of Flowers: The Transformation of Space and Self in Yuan Mei's (1716 - 1798) Garden Records


Tim Beal, Ghosts of The Past: The Japanese History Textbook Controversy