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  New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies    


New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, Volume 7 No. 1, June 2005


The founding of NZASIA
Nicholas Tarling and Richard Phillips (University of Auckland), pp.5-14.

Constraints and Choices: East Timor as a Foreign Policy Actor
Anthony L. Smith (Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies), pp.15-36.

Money and Morality: Some Perspectives from Singapore
Kelvin E.Y. Low (National University of Singapore), pp.37-62.

Abortion as Personal Experience in Chinese Women's Fiction: The 'Alienated Material Body' in Lu Xing'er's "The Sun is not out today"
Rosie Roberts (University of Queensland), pp.63-92.

Against Myth and History: A New Writing of Motherhood in Contemporary Chinese Women's Literature
Jiang Haixin (University of Otago), pp.93-111.

Beginnings and Departures: The Dream of the Red Chamber
Yaohua Shi (Wake Forest University), pp.112-133.

Graduate Research Essay
The Chinese & Indian Diasporas in New Zealand: An Oral History Project
Sharmila Bernau (Victoria University of Wellington), pp.134-152.