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  Southeast Review of Asian Studies    


Southeast Review of Asian Studies 2004 (full report)


  • Trying to Avoid a Japanese-American War: America's "Japan Connection" in 1937 and 1941

  • Taiwan’s 2004 Presidential Election: Implications for Taiwan's Politics and Relations with Mainland China

  • The New Look of Urban China: Public Squares as Symbols of Modernity

  • "Some Unseen Power:" Observations of Hinduism in the Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • Narrative and Peace

  • Politeness as a Social Strategy in Japanese Culture

  • Refusing To Serve: Five Korean American Poets

  • Origins in Religious Ritual of Asian Puppet Theatre Forms and the Marginalization of Theatre Artists

       Book Reviews and Essays

  • John Nathan. Japan Unbound: A Volatile Nation’s Quest for Pride and Purpose

  • Andrew Marshall, The Trouser People: A Story of Burma in the Shadow of the Empire

  • Chia Lin Sien, Editor. Southeast Asia Transformed: A Geography of Change

  • James L. Huffman, A Yankee in Meiji Japan: The Crusading Journalist Edward H. House