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Taiwan Journal of Anthropology    

Vol. 6/No. 1June 2008)Special Issue on the Culture, Narrative, and Community of the Cult of Mazu

Shu-min Huang
Coordinating Editor-in-Chief’s Foreword

Hsun Chang and Mei-rong Lin
Special Issue Preface


Elana Chipman
The Local Production of Culture in Beigang

Mei-huan Lu
Constructing the“Community”and its Shifting Boundary:A Study on the Mazu
Pilgrimage of Baishatun (in Chinese)

Chunsheng Chen
The Story of Mazu and the History of a Local Community:Research on a Port in
Eastern Guangdong in the Ming and Qing eras (in Chinese)


Mei-rong Lin and Wei-Hua Chen
Temples Founded for“Drifting Corpses”in the Mazu Islands : The Makang Mazu
Temple as a Preliminary Case Study (in Chinese)

Kun-chen Chang
Some Observations on the Spatial Characteristics of Official Tian Hou Temples
in Taiwan (in Chinese)

Vol. 5/No. 2(December 2007)


Shao-hua Liu
Emerging Modernity in a Periodic Marketplace of Southwest China

Shu-yuan Yang Death, Emotions, and Social Change among the Bunun of Taiwan (in Chinese)

Kai-shyh Lin
Fengshui as a Spatial Practice: An Anthropological Reflection (in Chinese)


Mattiga Panomtaranichagul and Shu-min Huang
Implications of Yunnan Chinese Land-use Practices for Sustainable Hill Farming in

Vol. 5/No. 1(June 2007, Full Report


George E. Marcus
Collaborative Imaginaries

Jackson Hu
The Articulation of Modern Fetishisms and Indigenous Species

Fei-wen Liu
Elaborating on Geertz's “Thick Description”: From Text to Reading, Narration, and Performance (in Chinese)

Hsiu-hsin Lin
Boundaries, Identities and Authenticity: Pilgrimage of a Hakka Local Community as Social Process of Understanding and Cognition of Others (in Chinese)

Vol. 4/No. 2(Decenber 2006

RESEARCH ARTICLES (all in Chinese)

Maa-ling Chen
The Application of Chemical Compositional Analysis in Archaeological Ceramics: A Case Study in Kenting Area (in Chinese)

Hsun Chang
Scent as Substance: The Material Basis of Chinese Incense-Fire Rituals and Concepts (in Chinese)

Shu-yuan Yang
Personhood, Ritual Healing and Social Change: The Example of the Bunun (in Chinese)

Ling-ling Chin
The Power in Cultural Discourse: Analyzing Bunun Concepts of Power through the Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation’s Cultural Restoration Project (in Chinese)

Vol. 4/No. 1(June 2006)


Shu-jung Lin
Hierarchy and Power within an "Egalitarian" Society: Social Relations among the Kam People in China (in Chinese)

Pi-chen Liu
Blood Politics: Ecology and Social Reproduction of Kavalan Women (Taiwan) (in Chinese)

Guido Sprenger
Bone Transfers: Incomplete Replacement in Rmeet Ritual Exchange

Wu Da
Rational Choice and Primordialism: A Case Studies of Ethnic Identities among the Ersu of Sichuan, China (in Chinese)

Vol. 3/No. 2(December 2005


Shu-min Huang
Building a Sustainable Rural Livelihood in Banmai Nongbua: A Chinese Diaspora community in Northern Thailand

Anne-Christine Tremon
Credit and Gambling Relations: The Articulation of Different Rationalities between Tahiti Chinese and Raiatean Tahitians

Teri Silvio
First as Farce, Then as Tragedy: Popular Allegory and National Analogy in Contemporary Taiwanese Opera

Ya-chung Chuang
Neighborhood Watch: Power, Conflict and Urban Local Politics (in Chinese)


Yi-shien Li
The Creation and Transformation of an Aboriginal Account: The Lin Dong-ya Legend (in Chinese)

Vol. 3/No. 1(June 2005


Scarlett Chiu 
Meanings of a Lapita Face: Materialized Social Memory in Ancient House Societies

Mei-ling Chien 
Miao Elopement in Eastern Guizhou: Ambivalent Collective and Individual (in Chinese)

Fei-wen Liu 
Text, Context, and Women’s Voices in Nüshu Wedding Literature (Sanzhaoshu) (in Chinese)

Su-mei Lo 
Distinction of Sex, Hierarchy and Society: The Ritual Cycle of the Millet in the 'Amis of 'Tolan (in Chinese)

Shu-yuan Yang 
Political Systems of Highland Taiwan: Preliminary Analysis of the Bunun Case (in Chinese)

Vol. 2/No. 2(December 2004


Pei-yi Guo 
Comparisons and the Construction of Anthropological Knowledge: Bridewealth Exchange Rituals among the Langalanga, Solomon Islands (in Chinese)

Yi-jia Tsai 
The Writing of History: The Religious Practices of the Mediums' Association in Taiwan

Lau-fong Mak 
Naming and Collective Memory in the Malay Muslim World

Masazumi Okano and Wong Heung Wah 
Hong Kong's Guided Tours: Contexts of Tourism Image Construction before 1997


Yeshe Chöekyi Lhamo 
A Synopsis of Theoretical Approaches to Secondary Amenorrhea

Vol. 2/No. 1(June 2004 Special Issue: Learning and Economic Agency in China and Taiwan


Charles Stafford 
Introduction: Learning and Economic Agency in China and Taiwan

Ellen Osfeld 
The Man Who Sold the Collective's Land: Understanding New Economic Regimes in Guangdong

Susanne Brandtstadter 
Money Plucked from the Sky: Shrimp Farming, Entrepreneurship and the Circulation of Know-how in a Fujian Village

Yan Yanxiang 
Calculability and Budgeting in a Household Economy: A Case Study from Rural North China

Scott Simon 
Learning and Narratives of Identity: Aboriginal Entrepreneurs in Taiwan

Hill Gates
"I Can't Read, but I Can Reckon": Work, Emotion and Calculation among Early Twentieth-Century Sichuan Girls

James Wilkerson 
Late Imperial Education and Control: Rural Villages in the Penghu Islands

Charles Stafford 
Two Stories of Learning and Economic Agency in Yunnan

Vol. 1/No. 2(December 2003


Kai-shyh Lin 
Landscape Formation and the Civilizing Project: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Yilan, Taiwan (in Chinese)

Frederick H. Damon 
What Good Are Elections? An Anthropological Analysis of American Elections

Shu-yuan Yang 
How is the Past Remembered and Experienced: A Study of the Bunun of Vulvul (in Chinese)

Wei-ping Lin 
The Objectification of Taiwanese Gods in Icons (in Chinese)

Heidi Fung 
When Culture Meets Psyche: Understanding the Contextualized Self through the Life and Dreams of an Elderly Taiwanese Woman

Vol. 1/No. 1(June 2003

From the Editors P. Steven Sangren and Ying-kuei Huang


Fei-wen Liu 
The Interweave of Writing and Singing: Nüshu, Nüge, and Women’s Dual Visions in Jiangyong County, Hunan Province, China (in Chinese)

Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart 
Divisions of Power: Rituals in Time and Space among the Hagen and Duna Peoples, Papua New Guinea

Mei-hsia Wang  
Exploring the Social Characteristics of Dayan from the Aspects of Multiple Meanings of gaga: A Study of a Dayan community (in Chinese)

Shuenn-der Yu 
The Sensuous Style of the Body: Rethinking Anthropological Studies on Hot and Cold Medicine (in Chinese)

Björn Kjellgren 
The Predicament of Indigenisation: Constructions and Methodological Consequences of Otherness in Chinese Ethnography


Tan Chee-beng 
Family Meals in Rural Fujian: Aspects of Yongchun Village Life


Kai-shyh Lin 
“All That Is Solid Melts Into Air”: Review of The Aborigine Landlord: Ethnic Politics and Aborigine Land Rights in Qing Taiwan, by Ka, Chih-ming (in Chinese)