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Arrive Alive: ASEAN Commits to Cutting Road Deaths, 2005





The Asian Development Bank-approved regional technical assistance on road safety in the ASEAN region highlighted that the road safety problem is much more serious than official statistics suggest. The study aimed at quantifying the scale and characteristics of the problem; assisting the individual ASEAN member countries and the region in developing appropriate road safety strategies and action plans; developing safety research capability in each country; and commencing the establishment of the Internet-based ASEAN Safety Network. To demonstrate their commitment in promoting road safety ASEAN Transport Ministers approved the Phnom Penh Ministerial Declaration on ASEAN Road Safety. The main outputs of the program, among others, are:
  1. Arrive Alive: ASEAN Regional Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan (2005-2010)  (Full Report, 19MB). This was developed for regional activities and initiatives, to support and complement in-country activities being implemented by national action plans.


  2. Road Safety Reports. These are available for each of the 10 ASEAN member countries; reports recorded the key agencies involved and their responsibilities in road safety and provided an overview of the road safety situation, characteristics, and trends in each country (prepared by domestic consultants and/or researchers).


  3. Cost of Road Traffic Accidents Reports. These are available for each of the 10 ASEAN member countries; the reports provide estimates of underreporting of accident data, place a monetary valuation on economic losses arising from deaths and injuries, and estimate annual losses to the national economy (prepared by domestic consultants and/or researchers).


  4. Road Safety Action Plans. One plan for each country was developed, via national workshops with the assistance of 90-100 road safety professionals from key agencies. These reports were also created with the assistance of private sector and nongovernment organizations. The plans focus on improvement of safety for vulnerable road users (especially pedestrians and motorcyclists) who form the vast bulk of deaths and injuries in ASEAN region.



ASEAN Members

Road Safety Cost of Road Traffic Accidents Road Safety Action Plan  
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At the request of the ASEAN Transport Ministers ADB continues to provide support and is helping to mobilize resources to assist with the implementation of the regional road safety strategy.

Source: Asian Development Bank