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Volume 2 No. 1, March 2004





Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies
The University of Auckland
The theme for the second edition is 'Culture and Identity in the Asia-Pacificí. Each of the articles (and indeed the reviews as well) touches on a particular aspect of the Asia-Pacific experience of culture and/or identity. Consistent with the focus of the journal, the authors come from a range of disciplines (Anthropology, English, Cultural Studies, History, Politics, Film and Media, and Fine Arts) and have engaged the theme from a number of different methodological and analytical angles. They represent an eclectic mix, but each in its own way offers insights into questions of culture and identity in some or other part of the region, which both specialists and those from outside disciplines will find interesting and enlightening.

Volume 2 No. 1, March 2004, Culture and Identity
Complete Journal, Contents, Editorial



Source: Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies