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  The Ninth Workshop of OMISAR (WOM-9) on the Application and Networking of Satellite Data, November 2002 (Preface, Contents, Full Report)  
  Session I

Status of Oceanographic Data for the Sea of Vietnam
Nguyen Tac An

Ocean Remote Sensing and its Application in China
Jihui Yan

On the Decision Support Framework for the Mekong Basin Study
Nguyen Tat Dac

Extraction of Spectra from Satellite images for the Application in Coastal Zone
Lee-Chung Wu

Sea Surface Observation in the Taiwan Strait Using Satellite Imagery from HRPT Station
Nan-Jung Kuo

Application of Satellite Remote Sensing on the Tuna Fishery of Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Cho-Teng Liu

Session II

Influence of Wave Motion in Mangrove Forest
La Thi Cang

Observations of the Intrusion of Kuroshio into the South China Sea from Satellite Infrared Images
Chung-Ru Ho

Networking Small Satellite Data for Marine Research
Nguyen Phi Khu

Track of Ocean Surface Currents from Satellite Ocean Color Images Hsien-Wen Li

Study of Flood Extent with Satellite Remote sensing
Li-Guang Leu |

Summary of Panel Discussion

Appendix I: Agenda of WOM-9

Appendix II: Directory of WOM-9 Participants

Appendix III: Proceedings of the Sixth Steering Committee Meeting

Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation