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Pacific Health Dialog 1994







Pacific Health Dialog: Pacific Child Health, Vol. 1, No. 2

Guest Editorials
K. Buse; H. Larson, Page 004-005


Original Papers

The Convention on the rights of the child: implications for health and well-being of Pacific children
K. Buse, H. Larson, Page 006-012

Demographic trends and population issues: current and potential impact on child health
L. Lewis, S. Katoanga, Page 013-017

Poverty and Pacific children: some data questions
J. Bryant-Tokalau, Page 018-021

Weaning practices in rural and urban Vava'u, Tonga Island
S. H. Laukau, Page 022-026


Case Reports and Short Communications

School Entry Immunisation Act: the compliance of the Pohnpei Public School System
A. Lemuel, Page 027-028

A child survival crash program in Papua New Guinea
D. Rutstein, Page 029-030

Challenges for eliminating vitamin A deficiency in Chuuk State, Micronesia
L. M. Ibarra, Page 031-033

Baby-friendly hospital initiative, Lautoka, Fiji
M. Shrestha, T. McCaig, Page 034-035


Conference Reports and Papers

Nutritional problems among Pacific Island children
J. H. Paterson, Page 036-042


Review Paper

Human milk - there's no other quite like it
P. McVeagh, Page 043-051


Viewpoints and Perspectives

The value of Pacific children: perspectives for a way forward
S. A. Finau, Page 052-063


Book Reviews

The State of Pacific Children 1993. Unicef/South Pacific Commission
Reviewed by S. G. Karel, Page 064-066

Facts for Life: A Communication Challenge. Peter Adamson et. al.
Reviewed by K. Buse


Pacific Health Institutions

Old school new programme: the Fiji School of Medicine 1994
J. I. Samisoni, Page 067-071

Unicef in the Pacific: its priorities and concerns
H. Larson, K. Buse, Page 074-074


Journal Abstracts
Page 075-076


Letters to the Editor
Page 077-080


PHD Editorials
S A Finau and R Hunton, Page 083-083



Pacific Health Dialog: Inaugural Issue, Vol. 1, No. 1

Guest Editorial
E. Pretrick, Page 004-005


Original Papers

Vitamin A Deficiency and Otitis Media in Chuuk State, Micronesia
M. Pryor, J. Pryor, J. Manning, S. Manning, R. Rudoy, J. Stewart, G. Dever, S. Stool, Page 006-012

Rheumatic Fever In Micronesia
W. Alto, T. Rikin, L. Falanruw, K. Roby, P. Gallen, V. Skilling, K. Remit, Page 013-018

Breast feeding: Its Effect on Birth Interval in Chuuk
T. Takashy, Page 019-023

German Micronesia and the Beginning of Medical and Health Education
D. Ballendorf, Page 024-025


Case Reports and Short Communications

Mucinous Carcinoma of the Rectum in a 28 Year Old Woman in Saipan
G. Koman, S. Weinstein, Page 026-027

Anatomical basis of sex functions
I. Nikishin, Page 028-030

Nutrition of Mothers and Infants in Tonga
R. Latu, Page 031-033

Marijuana in Chuuk
I. Oneisom, Page 034-038


Conference Reports and Papers

Iri Ki Nga Tanagaroa: In Anticipation of Better Days
I. Ramsden, Page 039-043

Health Care in the Pacific: Who Would Bell the Cat?
S. A. Finau, Page 044-056


Viewpoints and Perspectives

Pacific Doctors and Nurses: Union or Divorce Towards the Year 2000?
S. A. Finau, Page 057-058

What Can We Do to Prevent Suicide in the Pacific?
F. Hezel, Page 059-062

Nutrition, Growth and Childhood Obesity: A Viewpoint
S. Aho, Page 063-066


Book Reviews

AIDS and Tourism: Implications for Pacific Island States. Nancy Davis Lewis
Reviewed by M. O'Leary, Page 067-068

Aspects of Old Age in Fiji. Nii-K Plange
Reviewed by J. Samisoni, Page 069-070


Pacific Health Institutions

An Alternative Physician Training Program in the Pacific
G. Dever, Page 071-072

South Pacific Alliance for Family Health
J. Sukwianomb, Page 073-075


PHD Editors
Sitaleki Finau and Rex Hunton, Page 083-083


Source: Pacific Health Dialog