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Pacific Health Dialog 1996







Pacific Health Dialog: Non-Communicable Diseases in the Pacific, Vol. 3, No. 1

Guest Editorial
Robert Beaglehole and Ruth Bonita, Harley J Stanton, Page 004-005


Original Papers

Oral conditions among Tongan children and adults, 1966 and 1986
T. W. Cutress, N. Moi Tapealava, S. Tomiki, Page 008-014

Diet of 3 and 4 year olds in Dunedin: relevance to dental caries
N. Guha-Chowdhury, Page 015-019

Animal bites and stings on Guam
R L Haddock, Olivia L. T. Cruz, Page 020-024

Driving practices in the National Capital District, Papua New Guinea
P. Sapak, V. Mea, Page 025-027

The health of Australian South Sea Islanders in Mackay
P. S. Hill, E. Faafoi, Page 028-035

Improving medical care staffing on small Pacific Islands: a model from the Caribbean
F. P. Wurlitzer, G. Koteka, Sir Thomas R. A. Davis, Page 036-040


Case Reports and Short Communications

Smoking in Viti Levu, Fiji
L. Meo, D. Phillips, R. Brough, Page 041-042

Controlling your language: making English clear
F. Savage, P. Godwin, Page 043-046

The management of hypertension in Fiji: is current practice effective?
R. Ripley, M. Imo, D. Phillips, Page 047-049

Captain Cook as a public health pioneer in the Pacific
D. A. Ballendorf, Page 050-053

Frequency of fractured mandible at a Fiji dental clinic (1989-1994)
D. Kapadia, P. Dutt Sharma, Dr T. King, Page 054-056

Neuroblastoma presenting with paraplegia
G. O. Okoji, P. Nakabea, J. Taka, E. Vudinibola, M. Shrestha, Page 057-059


Conference Reports and Papers

Postgraduate medical training for the Pacific: the next step
S. Kinnear, W. Baravilala, J. Meyer, D. Phillips, F. Piscioneri, G. J. Dever, Page 060-064

Are we our own worst enemies?
Rev. Amando Samo, Page 065-067

The life and death of primary health care: the 'McDonalization' of Alma Ata, Russia
D. Werner, Page 068-073

Tobacco control: a Pacific conference
A. M. Durand, I. J. Abraham, Page 074-076


Review Papers

Obesity in Pacific populations
A. M. Hodge, G. K. Dowse, P. Z. Zimmet, Page 077-086

Smoking prevalence and trends in the Pacific
V. R. Collins, G. K. Dowse, P. Z. Zimmet, Page 087-095


Viewpoints and perspectives

Alleviating the burden of chronic illness
W. A. Alto, Page 096-099

Psychosocial and behavioural aspects of NIDDM among Pacific islanders in South Auckland
D. Simmons, J. A. Voyle, Page 100-106

Gender and non-communicable diseases in the Pacific
A. Brewis, P. Schoeffel-Meleisea, H. Mavoa, K. Maconaghie, Page 107-112


Book Reviews

Fijian Medical Plants. Cambie and Ash
Reviewed by B. Aalbersberg, Page 113-117

Pacific Islands Social and Human Development. South Pacific Comission
Reviewed by I. Kawachi, Page 113-117

Journal of Community Eye Health. Edited by D. D. Murray McGavin
Reviewed by K. D. Khorram, Page 113-117

Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases in the Pacific: Training Module for Social Mobilisation and Community Action. M. C. Tessier, et al.
Reviewed by A. Humphrey, Page 113-117


Pacific Health Institutions

Health care in Pohnpei: the challenges
The Honourable Del Pangelinan, Page 118-119


Journal Abstracts
Page 120-123


Letters to the Editor
Page 124-127


PHD Editor
S A Finau, Page 132


Source: Pacific Health Dialog