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Pacific Health Dialog 1999







Pacific Health Dialog: Health of Tongans and other Pacificans,
Vol. 6, No. 2

Guest Editorial
H.R.H. Princess Salote Mafile’o Pilolevu Tuita, Page 148-148


Special Feature

Social context of alcohol in Tonga
H.R.H. Princess Salote Mafile’o Pilolevu Tuit, Page 149-152


Original Papers

The Tonga Healthy Weight Loss Program, 1995-1997
Lois Englberger, Vizo Halavatau, Yoshiko Yasuda, Risa Yamazaki, Page 153-159

Belief and trust: health caring for migrant Tongan healers and patients in New Zealand
Viliami M Toafa, Losa M Moata’ane, Barbara E Guthrie, Page 160-167

Use of traditional and alternative medicine in children on Guam
Paula Brinkley, Page 168-177

Prevalence of tobacco use in Fiji
Birend Singh, Tsuyoshi Matsuba, Page 178-182

Talking about health and care: discourse from the Asian and Pacific cultures
Mei-Ling Wang, Page 183-195


Case Studies and Short Communications

Mental dis-ease in a Tongan general practice
Glennis H Mafi, Page 196-198

General surgery in Tonga: an audit
David S. Wilkinson, Faka’osi Pifeleti, Page 199-201

What is that lump? Soft tissue tumours in Tonga
David S Wilkinson (202), Page 202-204

Foot complications among diabetics in Tonga
Paula S Vivili, ‘Eseta Finau, Sitaleki A Finau, Taniela Lutui, Page 205-207

Diabetic foot infections in Tonga
David S Wilkinson, Seini Kupu, Page 208-210

Suicide in Tonga, 1982-1997
Paula S Vivili, Sitaleki A Finau, ‘Eseta Finau, Page 211-212

Pacific children in the statistical record: the need for ethnic-specific data in New Zealand
Helen Mavoa, Page 213-215

Meningococcal disease in Pacific children in New Zealand
Julia Peters, Page 216-220


Review Papers

Mortality analysis for Tonga, 1982-1992
Seini Kupu, Page 221-235

Tongan children with asthma in New Zealand
Helen Mavoa, Page 236-239

Typhoid fever in Tonga
Taniela Lutui, Malakai 'Ofanoa, Sitaleki A Finau, Maika Kinahoi Veikune, Page 240-244

The development of recommendations for the use of physical activity for diabetes management with Pacific people in New Zealand
Tim Corbett, Page 245-252

The Papua New Guinea vision of Healthy Islands
Puka Temu, Paul C Y Chen, Page 253-258



‘Lolo Mai’ syndrome
Palu Lasalo, Page 259-260

Alcohol: a threat to Tonga’s time-honoured values?
Kerry James, Page 261-264


Viewpoints and Perspectives

Health and healing in contemporary Tonga
Barbara Burns McGrath, Page 265-267

'Avanga: Tongan concepts of mental illness
Mapa Ha’ano Puloka, Page 268-275

Food me’akai and body sino in traditional Tongan society: their theoretical and practical implications for health policy
Okusitino Mahina, Page 276-287

Mental health among Tongan migrants
Siale Foliaki, Page 288-294

Resolving teenage sexuality through family dialogue: a short role play
Salesi F Katoanga, Page 295-297

Better health through better information: what works the best?
Jiri Davidson-Rada, Page 298-304

Uses of writing to counter the silence of oppression: counselling women at USP
Jeannie Wright, Page 305-309

An anthropological examination of the HIV/AIDS epidemic
Seiji Yamada, Page 310-316

The pharmacy in Palau: an Australian perspective
Malcolm Abbott, Fay Abbott, Page 317-319


Conference Reports

Alcohol and young Tongans: a FOBI perspective for change
Sitaleki A Finau, Page 320-325


Pacific Health Institutions

VBAs: an alternative obstetric care in rural Papua New Guinea
Harumi Sasaki Karel, Page 326-332

HIV/STD agent for change: community health worker training in Kiribati
Karen A Heckert, Janet N O’Connor, Page 333-338


Book Review

Hawaii Diet. Terry Shintani
Reviewed by Dr Greg Dever, Page 339-340


Journal Abstracts
Page 341-348


Letters to the Editor
Page 349-351


PHD Editor
S A Finau, Page 352



Pacific Health Dialog: Health in Fiji and the Pacific, Vol. 6, No. 1

Guest Editorials

Medical education in the Pacific: where have we been and where are we heading?
Jim Samisoni, Page 004-005

Are cervical cancer screening programmes feasible in the Pacific?
Wame R. Baravilala Page 006-007


Original Papers

Collaborative research on breastfeeding in Fiji: narrowing the gap between research and practice
Judi Aubel, Diane Tukana, Mereanai Tui Odra, Nirmala Nand, Michel Fong, Kiran Naidu, Penina Vatucawaqa, Page 008-017

An evaluation of the Fiji national drugs policy
Abdul Azam, Page 018-029

Diet of children in urban and rural Fiji
Sinead Katherine Kado, Page 030-034

Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in Samoa and a changed protocol for peptic ulcer
Katrina Watson, Mafu Asaua, Stanley Dean, Page 035-038

Diabetes in the indigenous population of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
A. Mark Durand, Joyce Bourne, David Tuohey-Mote, K. David Khorram, Isamu J. Abraham, Page 039-044

Smoking attributable mortality among the indigenous population of the Mariana Islands
Mara B. Khorram, Jon B. Bruss, Page 045-051

Alcohol related injuries in Yap
Ayesha Adelbai Ravia, Page 052-056

Foods most frequently consumed by fifth grade children on Guam
Rebecca S. Pobocik, Jennifer J. Richer, Barbara K. O’Donnel, Page 057-064

Obesity in Samoans: a practice–based naturalistic inquiry
Seiji Yamada, Page 065-070


Case Studies and Short Communications

Sexual health in a Pacific campus: a peer education approach
Jean Wright, Laisiasa Wainikesa, Mark Van Ommeren, Page 071-073

Sexual health in a Pacific campus: a pilot evaluation of a peer education approach
Jean Wright, Laisiasa Wainikesa, Mark Van Ommeren, Page 074-076


Review Papers

Wound healing herbs of the Pacific
Subramaniam Sotheeswaran, Sudhara Sotheeswaran, Page 077-079

Housing status and health implications for Pacific peoples in New Zealand
Kiri Milne, Robin Kearns, Page 080-086

Ola malolo ola Whiawhia: housing and health in Wellington Tokelau households
Gina Pene, Philippa Howden–Chapman,  Julian Crane, Robyn Green, Loi Iupati, Ian Prior, Ioane Teao, Page 087-092

Societal and health aspects of psychoactive drug abuse in Papua New Guinea
Paul C.Y. Chen, Felix Y.A. Johnson, Tukutau Taufa, Page 093-100


Reprint Papers

Management of ciguatera fish poisoning in the South Pacific
Paul Dalzell, Page 101-108


Viewpoints and Perspectives

Tobacco, lies and children: a Fiji perspective
Litea Meo, David Phillips, Page 109-111

Staking out the middle range between the macro– and micro–disease in the social structure
Lawrence Hammar, Page 112-121

Conceptions of depression: a Hawaiian perspective
Kamana’opono M. Crabbe, Page 122-126


Pacific Health Institutions

Public health surveillance in the Pacific: using EpiInfo for an information system
Birute Foster, Tom Kiedrzynski, Page 127-131

The Pacific Islands Association of Libraries and Archives (PIALA)
Arlene Cohen 132-134


Book Review

Typhoid Mary – Captive to the Public’s Health. Judith Walzer Leavitt
Reviewer: Greg Dever, Page 135-137


Journal Abstracts
Page 138-140


PHD Editor
S A Finau, Page 144


Source: Pacific Health Dialog