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Pacific Health Dialog 2001







Pacific Health Dialog: The Health of the Hawaiians, Vol. 8, No. 2

Guest Editorial
Edwin Cadman, Gladys ‘Ainoa Brandt, Pages 243-245



Ha‘i Ka Mo‘olelo Ola: new developments in Native Hawaiian health
Benjamin Young, Hardy Spoehr, Pages 247-248


Original Papers

Sociocultural and community factors influencing the use of Native Hawaiian healers and healing practices among adolescents in Hawai‘i
Cathy K. Bell, Deborah A. Goebert, Robin H. Miyamoto, Earl S. Hishinuma, Naleen N. Andrade, Ronald C. Johnson, John F. McDermott, Jr, Pages 249-259

Hawaiian health practitioners in contemporary society
Healani K. Chang, Pages 260-273

Health care utilization among women on O‘ahu: implications for Native Hawaiian women
H. Kaleleonälani Blaisdell-Brennan, Deborah Goebert, Pages 274-279

Ten-year changes in breast cancer knowledge, attitudes, and practices in Native Hawaiian women
JoAnn Umilani Tsark, Kathryn L. Braun, Pages 280-289

Treatment adherence to an antiretroviral regime: the lived experience of Native Hawaiians and kōkua
Lana Ka‘opua, Pages 290-298

Ka mauli o ka ‘ōina a he mauli kānaka: an ethnographic study from a Hawaiian sense of place
Mary Frances Mailelauli‘i Oneha, Pages 299-311

Native Hawaiian physician location and service to the underserved in Hawai‘i
‘Iwalani Else, Pages 312-321

A profile of Hawaiians in the Medicaid Fee-For-Service program
Matthew Loke, Kathleen T. Kang-Kaulupali, Lynette Honbo, Pages 322-326

Eo na Māhū o Hawai‘i: the extraordinary health needs of Hawai‘i’s Māhū
Carol Odo, Ashliana Hawelu, Pages 327-334


Review Papers

Ethnic health data in Hawai‘i: describing the databases
Henry M. Ichiho, Claire Hughes, Pages 340-352



Hawai‘i’s first medical school
O.A. Bushnell, Pages 353-363


Viewpoints and Perspectives

Genetic research and the vulnerability of Native Hawaiians
Rae Mei-Ling Chang, Philip H. Lowenthal, Pages 364-367

A call for respect and equality for indigenous scholarship in Hawaiian health
Bud Pömaika‘i Cook, Pages 368-374

Reflections of a Native Hawaiian physician: Hawaiian cultural values in Western medical practice
Momi E. Ka‘ano‘i, Pages 375-379

Herbal medicine on the rise: the case of ‘awa
Harriet Makia Awana O’Sullivan, Kehaulani Lum, Pages 380-387

Cultural competence: a proposal for physicians reaching out to Native Hawaiian patients
Neal A. Palafox, Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, Momi Ka‘ano‘i, Seiji Yamada, Pages 388-392


Uli‘eo Koa Program Reports

Overview: Uli‘eo Koa – Warrior Preparedness
Page 393

Uli‘eo Koa – Warrior Preparedness
Claire K. Hughes, Pages 393-400

Uli‘eo Koa program: incorporating a traditional Hawaiian dietary component
Jodi Haunani Leslie, Pages 401-406

Validating a measure of religiousness/spirituality for Native Hawaiians
Noreen Mokuau, Earl Hishinuma, Stephanie Nishimura, Pages 407-416


Conference Papers

O Ke Aloha Ka Mea I Ho‘ola ‘Ai - Compassion is the Healer: an indigenous peoples healing conference. October 2000, Hawai’i
Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, Cecelia Alailima, Kawahine Kamakea-Ohelo, Kawena Mann, Pages 417-422

Utilizing cultural immersion in a cultural competency curriculum: a conference report
Martina L. Kamaka, Noa Emmett Aluli, Pages 423-428

Treating and Counseling People of Colour Conference: a Native Hawaiian perspective
Pua‘alaokalani Aiu, Mari Ono, Paula-Ann Burgess, Celia Takahashi, Cheryl Kameoka, Pages 429-433

5th International Conference on Diabetes and Indigenous Peoples. Christchurch, New Zealand. October 2000
Audrey Young, Pages 434-435


Pacific Health Institutions

‘Imi Hale: establishing an inheritance for Native Hawaiians on cancer awareness, research and training
LorrieAnn Santos, Noreen Mokuau, Lehua Abrigo, Kathryn L. Braun, JoAnn U. Tsark, Gayle Mackura, Rie Kuhaulua, Clayton D.K. Chong, Pages 436-445

Imi Ho‘ola Post-Baccalaureate Program: recruitment, retention, and graduation of Asian American and Pacific Islander students in medicine
Nanette L. Kapulani Mossman Judd, Patrice Ming-Lei Tim Sing, Pages 446-449

The Native Hawaiian Health Professions Scholarship program’s impact on the community of Ko‘olau Loa: a program report
Kehau Santiago, Michele Shimizu, Stephany Nihipali Vaioleti, Pages 450-452

Lunalilo Home reopens
Satoru Izutsu, Nanette Napoleon Purnell, Pages 453-454


Book commentaries

Emma: Hawai‘i’s Remarkable Queen. George S. Kanahele
Terence Rogers, Pages 455-457

Plants in Hawaiian Medicine. Beatrice Krauss
Frank Tabrah, Page 457

Ka Lama Kukui: Hawaiian Psychology: an Introduction. William Rezentes
Patrick DeLeon, Pages 458-459

Leper Priest of Moloka‘i: The Father Damien Story. Richard Stewart
Bert Lim, Dean Alexander, Pages 459-461



A tribute to O. A. Bushnell
Benjamin B.C. Young, Pages 462-463

A tribute to “Papa” Henry Allen Auwae
Babette Galang, Page 464


Glossary of Hawaiian words
Pages 465-467


PHD Editor
Page 468



Pacific Health Dialog: The Health of Samoans and other Pacificans, Vol. 8, No. 1

Guest Editorial
Wame Baravilala, Pages 004-005


Original Papers

Striving for the best of both worlds: Samoan parenting in New Zealand
Antoinette McCallin, Janis Paterson, Sarnia Butler, Esther Tumama Cowley, Pages 006-014

Attitudes regarding tuberculosis among Samoans
Peter Leiataua AhChing, Merina Sapolu, Mili Samifua, Seiji Yamada, Pages 015-019

The pre-hospital experiences of Samoan families who have had a child admitted to hospital with pneumonia: a qualitative investigation
Nicola Young, Pages 020-028

The commercialisation of kava in Vanuatu
Anita Jowitt, Jenny Binihi, Pages 029-037

User charges and utilisation of obstetric services in the National Capital District, Papua New Guinea
Amos L. Benjamin, Peter Sapak, Jack K. Purai, Pages 038-043

Staple food intake in a rural village in Verata, Fiji
Elaine Rush, Robert Hedges, Bill Aalsbersberg, Dinacika Qionibaravi, Manaia Laulu, Pages 044-046

To be or not to be: recording Aboriginal identity on hospital records
Mark Brough, Cindy Shannon, Melissa Haswell-Elkins, Pages 047-053

The prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency in 1994 on an atoll of the Marshall Islands and its relationship to locally grown food
T. Joan Dickson, D. Daniel Hunt, Pages 054-058

Frequency of eating occasions reported by young New Zealand Polynesian and European women
Taua Amosa, Elaine Rush, Lindsay Plank, Pages 059-065

Teenage pregnancies in the Rewa medical sub-division, Fiji
Mohan Lal, Michael C. Asuzu, Mosese V. Salusalu, Naren Singh, Pages 066-070

Cesarean section deliveries in Fiji, 1986 to 1996
David L. Saunders, Sister S.L. Makutu, Pages 071-077

Traditional Tongan medicine and the role of traditional Tongan healers in New Zealand
Viliami Toafa, Losa Moata’ane, Barbara E Guthrie, Pages 078-082

Anxiety, stress and coping strategies among University of South Pacific students
Lafitai Fuatai, Frances Soon-Schuster, Pages 083-093

Cancer in Niue: analysis of a cancer register 1962-1985
Sitaleki A. Finau, Colin F Tukuitonga, Pages 094-098


Case Studies and Short Communications

Death from multi-resistant shigellosis in Fiji Islands
Chris Watson, Pages 099-102

From policy to action: access to essential drugs for the treatment of hypertension in the Small Island States (SIS) of the South Pacific
M.C.E. Bailey, A.A. Azam, G. Galea, A. Rotem, Pages 103-109

Epidemiological applications: a case report of a village epidemic of gastroenteritis
M.C. Asuzu, N. Singh, Pages 110-114

The adverse effects of kava
Ruci Kava, Pages 115-118

Obesity or large body size? A study in Wallis and Futuna
Nancy J. Pollock, Pages 119-123


Review Papers

Young Pacifican suicide attempts: a review of emergency department medical records, Auckland, New Zealand
Jemaima Tiatia, Carolyn Coggan, Pages 124-128

Differences in disease frequency between Europeans and Polynesians: directions for future research into genetic risk factors
William Abbott, Robert Scragg, John Marbrook, Pages 129-156

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in Samoa and American Samoa, 1990-95
Stephen T. McGarvey, Pages 157-162

Māori women and menopause
Beverley Lawton, Papaarangi Reid, Donna Cormack, Tony Dowell, Peter Stone, Pages 163-165

An analysis of vulnerability to HIV in Papua New Guinea
Paul C.Y. Chen, Pages 166-175

Human infections with Angiostrongylus cantonensis
William Alto, Patrick Lowry, Pages 176-182

Asthma in Pacificans in New Zealand and in the South Pacific
Ate Moala, Neil Pearce, Pages 183-187

Hepatitis B virus genotypes: a South Pacific perspective
G.L. Harrison, Rosalind Murray-McIntosh, David Penny, Pages 188-192


Viewpoints and Perspectives

Counselling against all the odds: the Samoan way
Frances Soon Schuster, Pages 193-199

Community mental health: avoided by some, neglected by others
Roland F. Schultz, Pages 200-206

Health care in the freely Associated States in Micronesia: strategies beyond the Compacts
Angela A. Tokuda, George P. Cernada, David K. Kurahara, Pages 207-212

Suicide in Samoa
Terry Bourke, Pages 213-219


Conference Papers

Tetee atu le sasa ma le upu malosi: hold back your hands, and your harsh words
Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop, Pages 220-229


Journal Abstracts
Pages 230-233


PHD Editor
Pages 240


Source: Pacific Health Dialog