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Pacific Health Dialog 2003







Pacific Health Dialog: Pacific Public Health 1, Vol. 10, No. 2

Guest Editorial
Wame Baravilala, Page 001-002


Original Papers

Psychosocial adjustments of native Hawaiian women living with HIV/AIDS: The Central Role of Affective Bonds
Lisa Orimoto, Charles W Muelier, Page 003-009

HIV protection and screening in women in New Caledonia
Christine Salomon, Christine Hamelin, Paquette Goldberg, Remi Sitta, Diane Cyr, Marcel Goldberg, Page 010-015

Health challenges of some urban Cook Island women in New Zealand
Edith Moore, R Glynn Owens, Sitaleki Finau, Page 016-026)

Reorienting Environmental Health Practice in Fiji: The Potential in Developing a National Environmental Health Action Plan
Brent Powis, Navi Litidamu, Zina O’Leary, Page 027-033

Building cultural competence in a interdisciplinary community service-learning project
Doris Segal Matsunaga, Glen Rediger, Blandina Mamaclay, Darrin Sato, Seiji Yamada, Page 034-040

Nonlinear dynamics of the observed HIV-positive population size in Fiji
Jito Vanualailai, Arun Deo, Bibhya Sharma, Subash Chandra, Page 045-052

Norms for Fiji norms and a cross cultural clinical validation of the general health questionnaire (GHQ 20)
AJW Taylor, Henry Aghanwa, FH Wakley, Page 062-065

The psychometric cross-cultural validation of the impact of event scale
AJW Taylor, Henry Aghanwa, FH Wakley, Page 066-070

Maori men's perceptions and experiences of health seeking for prostate health problems in New Zealand
Paora N Williams, Marion A Gray, Tania M Ka’ai, John C Moorfield, Kathryn M Mcpherson, Philip Weinstein, John N Nacey, Page 071-078

Oranga Kaumatua: perceptions of health in older Maori people
John Waldon, Page 079-086)


Case Studies and Short Communications

Commentary on Diabetes and Tongans in Aoteroa
Sitaleki Finau, Eseta Finau, Page 087-089


Review Papers

Prevalence and causes of Diabetes in Pacific people
Sunia Foliaki, Neil Pearce, Page 090-098


Viewpoints and Perspectives

Principles in Designing Traditional Medicine Education Programs
Charlie Changli Xue, Chun Guang Li, Page 099-105

SIDS among Pacificans in New Zealand: An ecological perspective
Fiva Fa’alau, Sitaleki A Finau, Julie Parks, Sally Abel, Page 155-162


Conference Papers

Re Presenting and Re Searching Oceania: A Suggestion for Synthesis
Konai H Thaman, Page 163-170


Pacific Health Instititions

Pacific Telepathlogy Service at Fiji School of Medicine
Shashidar VM, Brauchli K, Oberholzer M, Pryor J, Kishore K, Roy Krishna, Page 178-181

SIDS or Sitisi: Plight and Response of Pacificans in New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Eseta Finau, Sitaleki A Finau, Nite Fuamatu, C Tukuitonga , Page 182-192



Abstracts from PMA Conference 2003 in Fiji
Page 198-223


Letter to Editor

Dental Anaesthesiology in Japan
Zac Morse, Page 224-225


PHD Matters

From the Editorial Assistant
Setita Naqelevuki, Page 226



Pacific Health Dialog: Oral Health in the Pacific, Vol. 10, No. 1

Guest Editorials
Zac Morse, Joe Tuisiva, Page, 004-005


Original Papers

Comparative Analysis of Oral Health Indicators Among Young Children in Hawai‘i, the Republic of Palau and Territory of Guam, 1999-2000
Mark Greer, Keith Larson, Suzanne Sison, Page 006-011

Infant and Child Feeding Practices and Dental Caries in 6 to 36 Months Old Children in Fiji
Prakashni Singh, Telalsesi King, Page 012-016

Early Childhood Caries Among Hawaii Public School Children, 1989 vs. 1999
Mark Greer, Susan Tengan, Karen Hu, Joyce Takata, Page 017-022

Tooth brushing and utilization of dental services in Fiji (1998)
Temalasi King, Page 023-027

Oral Health Status of Older Adults in Fiji: 1985-1999
Sela Panapasa, Jagdish Maharaj, Page 028-034

Oral Health Status and Treatment needs of institutionalized elderly and disadvantaged population in Fiji (1997)
Temalsi King, Devesh Kapadia, Page 035-040

Smoking and Chewing Habits of Oral Cancer Patients in the Solomon Islands
Robson Lumukana, Temalesi King, Page 041-044

Quantitative Evaluation of Variance in Secondary Dentition Eruption Among Ethnic Groups in Hawai‘i
Mark Greer, Kevin Loo, Page 045-050

Effects of a propofol - ketamine admixture in human volunteers
Zac Morse, Kimito Sano, Tomio Kanri, Page 051-054


Case Studies and Short Communications

Oral Melanosis: A Case Report of Peutz-Jegher's Syndrome in Suva, Fiji
ore-oluwa Afolabi, Page 055-056

Sacrococcygeal Teratoma: A case report and a review of literature
I. Afolabi, Page 057-061


Review Papers

Dental caries in South Pacific populations: A review
Terry Cuttress, Page 062-067

Periodontal health in South Pacific Island Populations: A review
Terry Cuttress, Page 068-075

Cancer of the oral cavity - a growing concern in the Micronesia: a case report from the Marshall Islands
Sangitta Bhandary, Prahlad Karki, Page 076-078



Developing a socially responsive and innovative curriculum: the Fijian model
Jonacani Tuisuva, Page 079-082

A perspective from the developing world on the difficulties in providing adequate access to oral health
Sitaleki Finau, Page 083-085

Consumerism, the media, and malnutrition in the Pacific Islands
Randy Thaman, Page 086-097


Pacific Health Instititions

The Early Childhood Caries Prevention Program in Palau
Keith Larson, Page 106-110


Conference Reports

Pacific Oral Health Summit - "A Call For Action", 2001
Jonacani Tuisuva, Bernadette Pushpaangaeli, Zac Morse, Page 111-113



Selected abstracts from Medline on Oral Health
Page 114-115

PHD Editor
Page 122


Source: Pacific Health Dialog