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Pacific Health Dialog 2005






Pacific Health Dialog: Pacific Health Surveillance and Response,
Vol. 12, No. 2

Guest Editorial
Tom Kiedrzynski


Original papers

Disease Surveillance during the VII South Pacific Mini Games, Palau 2005 - Lessons learnt
Karen Carter, Jennifer Chan, Stevenson Kuartei, Julie Alvarez

Risk factors for cholera in Pohnpei during an outbreak in 2000: Lessons for Pacific Countries and Territories
Martyn D Kirk, Tom Kiedrzynski, Eliaser Johnson, Amato Elymore, Iris Wainiqolo

Twenty years of HIV surveillance in the Pacific - what do the data tell us and what do we still need to know?
Tim Sladden

Dengue fever larval control in New Caledonia: assessment of a door-to-door health educators program
Martine Noel

Arboviruses and their Vectors in the Pacific - Status Report
Laurent Guillaumot

Laboratory-based Salmonella surveillance in Fiji, 2004-2005
John Dunn, Jan Pryor, Salanieta Saketa, Wasale Delai, Eka Buadromo, Kamal Kishore, Shakila Naidu, Sharon Greene, Jay Varma, Tom Chiller

Curbing the tide - Non-communicable disease in the Pacific
Tony Lower, Bootii Nauan, Myriam Abel, Malakai Ake, Viliami Puloka, Kabwea Tiban

Nutrient Analysis of the Guamanian Diet: Acceptable Energy Distribution with Inadequate Nutrient Quality
Rebecca S. Pobocik, Nancy S. Boudreau

An NGO approach for addressing the nutrition dilemma: Pohnpei focuses on awareness, food analysis, conservation and food processing
Lois Englberber, Adelino Lorens, Bill Raynor, Amy Levendusky, Yumiko Paul, Weilsihter Hagilmai, Jim Currie, Penny Weilbacher, Rufino Mauricio, Eliuel Pretrick, Willy Kostka, Ellen Ehsa, Robert Andreas, Wehns Billen

The Kura Files: Qualitative Social Survey
Madhukar Pande, Mani Naiker, Graham Mills, Narendra Singh, Tevita Voro

Case reports and short communications

Trial of email reporting for the Hospital Based Active Surveillance System in the Pacific
Richard Duncan

An Outbreak of Dengue Fever in Yap State
Mark A Durand, Martin Bel, Ignathia Ruwey, Maria Marfel, Laurence Yug, Victor Ngaden


Review papers

Type 2 diabetes in Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in Hawaii
Jill K. Furubayashi, Mele A. Look

Dengue in the Pacific - an update of the current situation
Narendra Singh, Tom Kiedrzynski, Christelle Lepers, Elise Kamisan Benyon

Viewpoints and perspectives

Disease surveillance in Guam: a historical perspective
Robert L. Haddock

Foodborne disease surveillance in the Pacific: perspectives for the future
Tom Chiller, Hannah Yang, Nu'ualofa Tu'u'au-Potoi, Michael O'Leary, Benoit Garin,
Narendra Singh, Theodora Magno, John Dunn, Tony Hazzard, Jan Pryor

Implementing the New International Health Regulations in the Pacific - Challenges and Opportunities
Hitoshi Oshitani, Li Ailan. Maria Concepcion Roces, Dato' Tee Ah Sian, Chen Ken, Tom Kiedrzynski

Beyond mad, bad and sad: A case for considering community mental health and the means to assess it
Roland F. Schultz

Health Care Plans and Dust Collection in the Pacific
Stevenson Kuartei


Conference reports

Report on a Workshop on the Laboratory Diagnosis of Measles
Jennie Leydon, Shannon Curley, Theo Karapanagiotidis, Vicki Stambos, Heath Kelly


Book reviews

Spatial and Syndromic Surveillance for Public Health
Narendra Singh

SARS: How a Global Epidemic Was Stopped
Narendra Singh

Public Health Surveillance in the Pacific
Christelle Lepers


Abstracts and references
Tom Kiedrzynski

PHD Matters

From the Editorial Assistant
Setita Naqelevuki

From the Editor
Sitaleki A Finau



Pacific Health Dialog: Health in Palau and Micronesia, Vol. 12, No. 1

Guest Editorial
Victor Yano, Steven Kuartei, Greg Dever, Page 4-10


Original Papers

A study of the effects of social change on health in the Republic of Palau
S Kermode, J Tellei, Page 14-21

Helicobacter Pylori Infection Rates at a Family Practice In Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
B A Isaac, Page 47-51

Coral stone landscape and pterygia; is there an association?
B H Keni, Page 81-83

Case Reports and Short Communications

The Republic of Palau and the Pacific Island Health Care Project (PIHCP)
Donald A Person, Page 132-140

The Use of Appropriateness Criteria for the Selection of Clinical Preventive Services for a Pacific Island Health Service
AM Durand, K Dechenrong, J Ngirasowei, et al, Page 141-144

Cardiac Tamponade from Slingshot Metal Darts in Chuuk: A retrospective Review of cases
Arsen JC, Rmit K, Yichiro O, Page 145-148

Viral diarrhoea epidemic - impact on a small island pharmacy
A Harding, Page 149-152

Oral Cancer Incidence Disparity Among Ethnic Groups on Guam
R Haddock, Page 153-154

Treatment of a Mild Chronic Case of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning with Intravenous Mannitol, a Case Study
G Mitchell, Page 155-157


Book Review

Who Will Keep the Public Healthy? - Educating Public Health Professionals
K Gebbie, L Rosenstock, L M Hernandez, Page 163-166

Letters to the Editors

On Testifying at Senate Confirmation Hearings for a New Minister of Health for Palau - Where are we going in health
S J Kuartei, Page 167

CDC Pacific Health Initiative: The Palau Community College Center for Emergency Health
W Wally, J Tellei, G Dever, M Keim, Page 168

What the Heck is AHEC?
K Withy, Page 169-170

Training and Coordination for Pacific Island Health Services: The Problem of Distance and the Peacesat Program
MarkMark M Durand, Page 171-172



Abstracts on Palau and Micronesia from PubMed / MEDLINE
S Finau, S Naqelevuki, Page 173-191


Source: Pacific Health Dialog