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Pacific Health Dialog 2011







Pacific Health Dialog: NCD and CD in the Pacific, Vol. 17, No. 1

Guest Editorial
By: Maoate K., President Pasifika Medical Association


Special Feature

Research Fatigue among Tongans in Aotearoa: An exploratory study introducing the Fei’umu Research Method for empowering the researched
By: Finau S.A., Tavite S., Finau E., Fotu E., Tavite S., Finau D.


Original Papers

Cancer Incidence in Four Pacific Countries: Tonga, Fiji Islands, Cook Islands and Niue
By: Foliaki S., Best D., ‘Akau’ola S., Cheng S., Borman B., Pearce N.

Young People’s Perceptions and Experiences of Physical Activity in Apia, Samoa
By: Tuagalu C.

Domestic Violence as a Major Cause of Trauma in Western Province, Papua New Guinea
By: Dr Fox T.

Well-nourished women in a Solomon Islands Society with a Biased Sex Ratio
By: Furusawa T., Aswani S.

Indigos in Hawai’i: A Phenomenological Study of the Experience of Growing Up with Spiritual Intelligence
By: Bagnol L., Alexander J., Ewing H., Chu D.

‘Getting rid of Tobacco...that’s the key’: Strong feelings of Pacific policymakers in New Zealand about Tobacco, and Smoking Around Children
By: Austin S., Thomson G.

Rheumatic Fever in Samoa: Education As Prevention
By: Allen L.B., Allen M., Lésa R.F., Richardson G.E., Eggett D.L.

The Epidemiology of Dengue Fever in Palau
By: Stevens M.A., Carter K., Kuartei S., Schneeweiss R.

The Epidemiology of Leptospirosis in Palau
By: Stevens M. A., Carter K., Kiep R., Kuartei S., Schneeweiss R.

Investigation of an outbreak of Cholera Among Chuukese Residents of Guam, 2005
By: Menon M. P., Haddock R. L., Ruben K., Cooper K., Greene K., Mintz E.D.


Brief Communication and Case Report

Nutritionally Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (NAIDS): Common but often not diagnosed early
By: Rodgers E.

Left-Sided Congenital Abdominal Wall Defect and Intestinal Malformation-A Rare Case
By: Cama J., Nagra S., Chang A.


Review Papers

Is Kava Alcohol?: The Myths and the Facts
By: Aporosa S. ‘Apo’

Drug and Alcohol Use in Fiji: A Review
By: Puamau S. E., Roberts G., Schmich L., Power R.


Viewpoints and Perspectives

An Evaluation of a Nutrition Intervention in Kapinga Village on Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
By: Hason M., Engleberger L., Duncan B., Taren D., Mateak H., Johnston E.

Improving Integration and Coordination of Funding, Technical Assistance and Reporting/Data Collection: Recommendations from CDC and USAPI Stakeholders
By: Ka’opua I. S.L., Thompson Myron B., White S.F., Rochester P.F., Holden D.J.


Abstracts & Biographies

2011 International Kava Conference

Talanoa Oceania Conference – 2010


PHD Matters

From The Editor
By: Professor Sitaleki A. Finau

From The Editorial Assistant
By: Azima Mazid


Source: Pacific Health Dialog