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Philippine Studies 2008









Philippine Studies: Vanua in Batanes, Vol. 56, No. 4, 2008

Editor’s Introduction
Filomeno V. Aguilar Jr., Pages 377–378


Making the Vanua: Collective Fishing Technology in Batanes and an Austronesian Archetype of Society
Maria F. Mangahas, Pages 379–412

Politics from Below: Culture, Religion, and Popular Politics in Tanauan City, Batangas
Soon Chua Yean, Pages 413–442

Civil and Uncivil Society: Symbolic Boundaries and Civic Exclusion in Metro Manila
Marco Garrido, Pages 443–465


Toward a Filipino-Language Philippine Studies Project
Ramon Guillermo, Pages 467–474

Reorientations: Notes on the Study of the Philippines in the United States
Vicente Rafael, Pages 475–492

Book Reviews

“The Waiter and the Fisherman and Other Essays in Literature and Culture”
Jonathan Chua, Pages 493–495

“Ang Bayan sa Labas ng Maynila: The Nation beyond Manila”
Victorio N. Sugbo, Pages 496–498

“Competition, Collaboration and Change in the Academic Profession: Shaping Higher Education's Contribution to Knowledge and Research”
Isabel P. Martin, Pages 498–501

“In the Wake of Terror: Class, Race, Nation, Ethinicity in the Postmodern World”
Erwin S. Fernandez, Pages 502–508

Index to Volume 56: 2008
Pages, 505–508



Philippine Studies: Kyoto’s Emergent Scholarship, Vol. 56, No. 3, 2008

Editor’s Introduction
Caroline Sy Hau, Pages 249–250


Twilling Bata-Bata into Meritocracy: Merito-Patronage Management System in a Modern Philippine Corporation
Mari Kondo, Pages 251–284

Representing Muslimness: Strategic Essentialism in a Land Dispute in Metro Manila
Akiko Watanabe, Pages 285–311

Connected Through "Luck": Samarnon Migrants in Metro Manila and the Home Village
Naomi Hosoda, Pages 313–344


Institutional Religion and Modernity-in-Transition: Christianity's Innovations in the Philippines and Latin America
Jayeel S. Cornelio, Pages 345–358

Book Reviews

“On the Subject of the Nation: Filipino Writings from the Margins, 1981-2004”
David Jonathan Y. Bayot, Pages 359–363

“To Love and To Suffer: The Development of the Religious Congregations for Women in the Spanish Philippines, 1565-1898”
Rosario Cruz-Lucero, Pages 363–367

“Positively No Filipinos Allowed: Building Communities and Discourse”
Yen Espiritu, Pages 368–370

“Doveglion: Collected Poems”
Jonathan Chua, Pages 370–373

“Investing in Miracles: El Shaddai and the Transformation of Popular Catholicism in the Philippines”
Kenneth A. Fox, Pages 373–375



Philippine Studies: History / Memory, Vol. 56, No. 2, 2008

Editor’s Introduction
Filomeno V. Aguilar, Pages 121–122


Contextual Factors in the Analysis of State-Historian Relations in Indonesia and the Philippines
Rommel A. Curaming, Pages 123–150

Narrating the Dictator(ship): Social Memory, Marcos, and Ilokano Literature after the 1986 Revolution
Roderick G. Galam, Pages 151–182

Survivors' Schematic Reconstruction of the Japanese Occupation of Los Baρos
Josephine de Jesus Quimbo, Pages 183–212

Fernando Zσbel, In Search of an Identity: 1953, First Notes of a Travel to Japan
Pilar Cabaρas, Pages 213–237

Book Review

“A Voice from Mt. Apo: Oral and Written Essays on the Culture and World View of the Manobo”
Rosario Cruz Lucero, Pages 238–241

“Memoirs and Diaries of Felipe Buencamino III, 1941-1944”
Erwin S. Fernandez, Pages 242–245

“Ongpin Stories”
Jonathan Chua, Pages 245–248



Philippine Studies: Blair & Robertson, Vol. 56, No. 1, 2008

Editor’s Introduction
Filomeno V. Aguilar, Pages 121–122


Blair and Robertson's The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Scholarship or Imperialist Propaganda?
Glςria Cano, Pages 3–46

Bourdieu, Historical Forgetting, and the Problem of English in the Philippines
T. Ruanni F. Tupas, Pages 47–67

Research Notes

Globalization and the Street Homeless in Metro Manila
Hideo Aoki, Pages 69–76

Review Essay

Framing the Filipino Diaspora Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of Criticism
Martin Joseph Ponce, Pages 77–101

Book Review

“Acquiring Eyes: Philippine Visuality, Nationalist Struggle, and the World-Media System”
Francisco Benitez, Pages 102–104

“Creating Masculinity in Los Angeles's Little Manila: Working-Class Filipinos and Popular Culture, 1920s-1950s”
Augusto Espiritu, Pages 105–109

“Transforming Technologies: Altered Selves-Mobile Phone and Internet Use in the Philippines”
Randy Jay C. Solis, Pages 109–112

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: American Colonial Education
Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University, Pages 113–120