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Technology and Poverty Reduction in Asia and the Pacific





Technology and Poverty Reduction in Asia and the Pacific, 2002

This publication, with a Preface by ADB President Tadao Chino and OECD Development Centre President Jorge Braga de Macedo, arises from the Seventh International Forum on Asian Perspectives. The Forum was jointly organized by the Asian Development Bank and the OECD Development Centre on 18-19 June 2001 in Paris with the theme "Technology and Poverty Reduction in Asia and the Pacific."

The book brings together the papers and speeches presented at the Forum. The book notes that technology should be a focal point to improve economic welfare and reduce poverty. Two key sets of technologies, namely, agricultural technologies and information and communication technologies, serve as its principal focus.

The discussions and recommendations included in the book provide an excellent set of policy advice for pursuing technological progress and poverty reduction.

Jorge Braga de Macedo and Tadao Chino

David O’Connor and Yun–Hwan Kim

1. Technology's Contribution to Poverty Reduction?

Technology and Poverty: Mapping the Connections
Maurizio Bussolo and David O’Connor

Intellectual Property Rights in Global Agriculture and their Impact on the Diffusion of Productivity Gains
JTimo Goeschl and Timothy Swanson

Poverty, Food Security, and Agricultural Biotechnology: Challenges and Opportunities
Nihal Amerasinghe

Information and Communication Technology in Developing Countries of Asia
Brahm Prakash

Financing Information Technology Diffusion in Low–income Asian Developing Countries
Yun–Hwan Kim

2. Policies to Make Technology Work for the Poor

Inaugural Address
François Huwart

Keynote Speech
Myoung–Ho Shin

Technology and Development Policy in Poverty Reduction: The Case of Thailand
Suwit Khunkitti

Technology and Growth: Ireland's Recent Experience
Desmond O’Malley

Intellectual Property Protection: What Role in the 20th Century History of Innovation?
John Kay

Technology Policies and Investment Strategies
Yoginder K. Alagh

Enabling People to Make Technologies Work for Them
Lahiru Perera

Poverty Alleviation in the People's Republic of China's Rural Areas: Problems, Strategy, Policy and the Role of Science and Technology
Liu Yanhua

Technology, Investment and Development: Some Reflections from Portugal
José Braz

Information Technology and Development Co-operation: A View from the DOT Force
Gilles Bregant


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Source: Asian Development Bank