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2005 Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group





  Training on Improvement of Quality of Fresh Produce for Export Markets
4-13 Oct 2005, Bangkok, Thailand
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Overview of Training Objectives

Quality Management System for Fresh Produce

Living Produce

Technology of Storage

Physiological Disorders

Postharvest Diseases of Fruit and Vegetables


Quality Components and Evaluation

Quality Maintenance of Minimally Processed Vegetables

Quality in the Packing House

Quality of Fresh Produce During Storage

Effect of Packaging on the Quality of Fresh Produce

Management of Quality of Fresh Produce during Transport

Quality During Market Handling

Postharvest Pest Management of Fresh Produce

Monitoring of Pesticides Residues in Fresh Produce

Postharvest Handling Systems for Fruit

Postharvest Handling Systems for Vegetables

Postharvest Handling Systems for Cut-Flowers

GAP/HACCP in the Postharvest Handling of Fresh Produce

Computer-Assisted Learning for Grain Management

Seed Quality, Technology and Certification

Mycotoxins in Grain

Aflatoxin in Maize

Control of Aflatoxin in High Moisture Maize

Postharvest Pest Management of Grains and Seeds

Marketing System and Distribution of Fresh Products

Quality Assurance for Fresh Produce

Quality Management Systems and Food Safety

Thailand Case Studies: Quality Management in Fresh Asparagus and Frozen Shrimp for Exports

Product Quality and Marketing

Current Research on Quality Management for Fresh Produce
  Workshop on Supply Chain Management of Agri-foods for Better Market Access by SMEs
4-5 Aug 2005, Bangkok, Thailand
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Workshop Objectives and Mechanics

What is Really Behind the Concept of Supply Chain Management for Agri-Products?

Supply Chain Management for Grain: Thai Perspective

Cold Chain Distribution and Management for Fresh Produce in Indonesia

Managing Food Safety in the Thai Fresh Asparagus Supply Chain

Current Supply Chain Situation After Two Decades of Development in Konjac Production in China

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Farm Automation and Food Traceability
  Workshop on Building Biosecurity Planning and Surveillance Capacity
15-20 Aug 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The WTO, Biosecurity and Surveillance for Plant Pests

Biosecurity Planning Capacity of Participating APEC Economies

Biosecurity Capacity Needs Assessment Tool

Elements of Biosecurity

Objectives of the Workshop

National Biosecurity Planning - Japan

National Biosecurity Planning - China

National Biosecurity Planning - Singapore

National Biosecurity Planning - Thailand

Biosecurity Concerns of the Forestry Sector in Malaysia

Threat Identification and Pathway Analysis

Developing Biosecurity Plans: Risk Mitigation and Research & Development

Mitigation Measures for Red Ring Nematodes

Biosecurity Preparedness: Collections, Host-Pest Lists, Datasheets and Diagnostic Tools

Biosecurity Preparedness

Information Sources for Biosecurity Planning

Managing Biosecurity Threats - Brunei

Managing Biosecurity Threats - Indonesia

Managing Biosecurity Threats (1) - Viet Nam

Managing Biosecurity Threats (2) - Viet Nam

Workshop Recommendations to APEC

Pathways from Borders to Rural Agricultural Zones

Why Do We Survey for Plant Pests?

Results of the Surveillance Questionnaire

Role of Surveillance in Accessing International Markets

SPS Measures: The Cost of Compliance

Introduction to the Surveillance Guidelines

Statistics in Pest Surveillance

Insects and Other Arthropods Specimen Collection

Plant Pathogen Collections

Surveillance: Considerations in the Field

The Guidelines in Practice in Thailand

Current Market Access Issues for Australia

Current Market Access Issues: Chinese Taipei Imposed a Ban on Imports of Horticultural Products from Indonesia Due to Fruit Fly Infestation

A Surveillance to Develop the Plant Quarantine Measure

Current Market Access Issues

Market Access "Thailand"

Current Market Access Issues: Malaysia

Opportunities for Regional Collaboration - A Surveillance Network?

Draft Recommendations
  9th Agricultural Technology Cooperation Working Group Meeting
14-17 Jun 2005, Daejeon, Korea
  Draft Annotated Agenda

APEC Secretariat's Report to the ATCWG

Draft Timetable

ATCWG Terms of Reference & Guidelines on Joint Holding of Workshops with Public Research Institutions

Progress Report - Conservation and Utilization of Plant and Animal Genetic Resources

Action Plan 2005-2007: Conservation and Utilization of Plant and Animal Genetic Resources

Progress Report - ATCWG Subgroup on Research, Development and Extension of Agricultural Biotechnology (RDEAB)

Action Plan - Research, Development, and Extension of Agricultural Biotechnology

Evaluation Report - 8th Workshop on Technical Cooperation, Capacity Building, Risk Assessment/Management, and Emergency Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology

Research, Development, & Extension of Agricultural Biotechnology - Progress Report for 2004 & Work Plan for 2005

Progress Report on Area 3 - Production, Processing, Marketing, Distribution, and Consumption of Agricultural Products

Action Plan on Area 3 - "Production, Processing, Marketing, Distribution and Consumption of Agricultural Products"

Progress Report - APEC Training on Improvement of Quality of Fresh Produce for Export Markets

Progress Report - APEC Workshop on Supply Chain Management of Agri-Foods For Better Market Access by SMEs

Evaluation Report - APEC Workshop on Sustainable, Technical Cooperation in Postharvest Technology Education and industry Development

Evaluation Report - APEC Training Program on Postharvest Technology and Quality Management of Agri-Food Products

APEC Symposium on the Management of Golden Apple Snail

Progress Report - Plant and Animal Quarantine and Pest Management

Action Plan 2004-2006 - Plant and Animal Quarantine and Pest Management

Progress Report - Promoting APEC Collaboration on Biosecurity, Planning and Surveillance for Plant Pests

Progress Report - Training Regional Scientists to Design, Develop and Production of Multi-Media Diagnostic Keys for Plant Pests in ASEAN

Progress Report - Developing a Handbook for the Management of Plant Disease Herbaria and Pathogen Collections in Developing Economies

Progress Report - Developing a Handbook to Assist Member Economies to Undertake Surveillance for Plant Pests of Agricultural Crops

Update on Workshop to Develop an Overall Invasive Species Strategy for APEC

Progress Report - Cooperative Development of Agricultural Finance Systems

Progress Report - Agricultural Technology Transfer and Training

Action Plan for Agricultural Technology Transfer & Training (2004-2006)

Evaluation Report - Training Workshop on Agricultural Technology Transfer & Training

Progress Report - Seminar on Networking of the Agricultural Technology Transfer and Training

Progress Report - Sustainable Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues

Action Plan 2005-2007: Area 7 Sustainable Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues

Evaluation Report - APEC Regional Study on Gender and Globalization in Agriculture

Evaluation Report on Biomass-Asia Workshop 2005

ABAC's 2004 Recommendations To Leaders on Agriculture

Solution Sharing Network (SSN)

Fourth Session of the APEC High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology 2005 - Final Report & Recommendations

APEC Support Fund

APEC Workshop on Development and Adoption of International Setting with a focus on Plant and Animal Health for APEC Member Economies

APEC Food Cooperation

Draft Report of ATCWG to SOM3 2005

APEC Health Task Force Symposium on Response to Outbreaks of Avian Influenza & Preparedness for a Human Health Emergency July 28-29, 2005

Update on e-Cert. Implementation by APEC

9th ATCWG Meeting Summary Report

Action Plan Cooperative Development of Agricultural Finance Systems
  Biomass-Asia Workshop
19-21 Jan 2005, Tokyo, Japan

Creation Of New Society Utilizing Biomass Resources

Challenges And Opportunities For The Development And Utilization Of Biomass Energy In Thailand

Biomass Utilization Development In Viet Nam

Present Status And Problems In Biomass Utilization For Electricity Generation In Malaysia

Present Status Of Biomass Research And Development

Status On Biomass Development In The Philippines

The Latest Status Of Chinese Fuel Ethanol Program

Bioethanol: A Sustainable Fuel For The Transportation Sector

Biomass-Asia Partnership

Status And Future Of The Chinese Biomass Utilization

Biomass-Nippon Strategy

Biomass Asia Prospect

Outlook Of Biomass Utilization As Biofuel In Thailand

Biomass Utilization In Malaysia: Current Status Of Conversion Of Biomass Into Bioproducts

A Bio-Ethanol Production Process Applying High Concentration Sulphuric Acid Hydrolysis Of Biomass

Clean Engine, Clean Fuels, And Exhaust Gas System -R & D Of A Middle Duty DME Truck

Conversion Of Woody Biomass To Chemicals

Sustainable Use Of Biomass As Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Option In The Philippines

Biomass Conversion Using Supercritical Water And Hydrothermal Treatment

Current Research On Biodiesel Fuel In Japan

Biodiesel Fuel - Global Market Situation And Future Prospect In Japan

Present Situation Of Biomass Production And Utilization At The Mekong River Delta Area In The South Of Viet Nam

The Development Of A Biomass Based Material Industry In China

The Diversity And Applied Approaches Of Biomass Resources In China

Biomass Utilization In Forestry In Viet Nam

Utilization Of Woody Biomass In Indonesia

Sustainable Biomass Industry In Palm Oil Mills In Malaysia

Utilization Of Oil Palm Biomass For Various Types Of Pulp

Conversion And Utilization Of Biomass Based On Forestry In China

Recent Developments And Barriers Of Bioenergy In Korea

Biogasification Of Organic Waste

High-Efficiency Bioenergy Conversion Project By NEDO

Sustainable Sugarcane Biomass Production And Utilization In Thailand: Potential And Possibilities

Biomass Utilization In Indonesia: Integration Of Traditional And Modern Principles Of Organic Matter Management

Restoration Of Ecosystem, Biomass Production And Its Effective Utilization At Degraded Lands In Asia - Desert, Alkali And Acid Soil

New JICA And Biomass Related Projects

Future Collaboration For Asian Biomass Utilization

The Role Of Biomass For The Energy Sustainable Development In Indonesia

Improving Rural Poor Access To Renewable Energy Through Secondary Crops Biomass Production

Current Status Of Utilization Of Biomass In Viet Nam

Current Status Of Biomass Utilization In Malaysia

Woody Biomass Utilization In Japan - Current Status And Future

Biomass Resources As A Means For Sustainable Resource Management



Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation