Contributions from Lingnan University, Hong Kong


Happiness and Government: The Role of Public Spending and Governance Effectiveness, July 2015 Lok-sang Ho & Yew Kwang NG
Happiness of Children as They Grow into Their Teens : The Hong Kong Case, February 2013 Lok-sang Ho
The "Three Happinesses" and the "Happiness Formula" : Evidence from Hong Kong , September 2009 Lok-sang Ho
Justice and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Asia Pacific Region : Designing International Institutions, August 2009 Paul G. Harris, Jonathan Symons
A Proposed International Unit of Account: Implications for Financial Markets, Commodity Markets, and Research, February 2009 Lok-sang Ho
China's Efforts and the Development of the Six-Party Talks in 2007, August 2008 Keyu Gong
Collectivist Values for Productive Teamwork between Korean and Chinese Employees, July 2008 Yifeng Chen & Dean Tjosvold
Strategic Regional and National Economic Development with Fiscal Equalization, June 2008 Lok-sang Ho
The Housing Ladder and Hong Kong Housing Market's Boom and Bust Cycle, April 2008 Lok-sang Ho, Gary Wai-chung Wong
Health Care Financing Reform: a Socio-Economic Perspective, August 2007 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Playing Games: The Two Koreas and the Beijing Olympics, August 2007 Dr. Brian Bridges
Sino-ROK Relations at 15: an Overview and Assessment, August 2007 Prof. Taeho Kim
The North Korea-China Relationship: Context and Dynamics, June 2007 Dr. Tim Beal
Losses and Gains to Developing Countries from the Migration of Educated Workers: an Overview of Recent Research, and New Reflections, June 2007 Prof. Oded Stark & Dr. C. Simon Fan
Dynamic House Prices and Trading Volumes across Quality Tiers and Upward Mobility, April 2007 Prof. Lok-sang Ho, Dr. Yue Ma & Prof. Donald R. Haurin
The Sequence of Economic Liberalization in a Developing Country with Incomplete Financial Market, March 2007 Dr. Yue Ma
The Economy, February 2007 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
The Brain Drain, "Educated Unemployment," Human Capital Formation, and Economic Betterment, January 2007 Dr. C. Simon Fan & Prof. Oded Stark
Happiness Index Survey 2006 Annual Report, December 2006 Prof. Lok-sang Ho & Mr. Gary Wong
A Survey Report on Happiness Index and Determinants of Happiness in Hong Kong, December 2006 Prof. Lok-sang Ho & Mr. Gary Wong
Market Performance and Technical Efficiency of Domestic and Foreign-invested Service Industries in China, December 2006 Dr. Yue Ma
On the Logic of the Economic Integration of Hong Kong into the Greater China Economy, November 2006 Dr. Hoi-cheung Cheung
Participatory Welfare in South Korea: Meaning and Issues, September 2006 Dr. Raymond K. H. Chan
A System of Emission Rights Auction With Revenue Plowback, August 2006 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
From ASPAC to EAS: South Korea and the Asian Pacific Region, August 2006 Dr. Brian Bridges
Power Structure and Recent Political Development in Korea, August 2006 Prof. Lew, Seok Choon
Bootstrapping Statistical Inferences of Decomposition Methods for Gender Earnings Differentials, July 2006 Dr. Yue Ma & Dr. Ying-chu Ng
Labour Market Reform and Polarization in Korea, June 2006 Dr. Raymond K. H. Chan
Do the Rich Save More? A New View Based on Intergenerational Transfers, February 2006 Dr. C. Simon Fan
Religious Participation and Children's Education: A Social Capital Approach, January 2006 Dr. C. Simon Fan
RMB Revaluation and Speculative Capital Inflows: Policy Options, December 2005 Dr. Yue Ma & Prof. Huayu Sun
Money Stock, Price Level and Structural Changes in the Transitional Economy of China, December 2005 Dr. Yue Ma & Prof. Huayu Sun
Sticky Wage, Efficiency Wage, and Keynesian Unemployment, September 2005 Dr. C. Simon Fan
Distant Neighbours? : Japan-Korea Relations Revisited, June 2005 Dr. Brian Bridges
True Democracy without Powerful Parties, July 2005 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Happiness and Public Policy, January 2005 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Child Labour and the Interaction between the Quantity and Quality of Children, January 2005 Dr. C. Simon Fan
An Alternative Roadmap to Middle East Peace, October 2004 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Globalization, Unemployment, and Excess Capacity: A Model and A Conjecture, September 2004 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Privatization of Public Housing: Did It Cause the 1998 Recession in Hong Kong? July 2004 Prof. Lok-sang Ho &
Mr. Gary Wai-chung Wong
The Economic Challenges for the New Chinese Leadership, 2004 Dr. Yue Ma & Mr. Wang Ping
A New (and Old) Macroeconomic Policy Framework, 2003 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Yesterday's Lei Feng and Today's Young People's Liberation Army Soldiers, 2003 Dr. Che-po Chan
The Nexus between Housing and the Macro Economy:  Hong Kong as a Case Study, 2003 Prof. Lok-sang Ho &
Mr. Gary Wai-chung Wong
Structural Change and the Narrowing Gender Gap in Wages: Theory and Evidence from Hong Kong, 2003 Dr. C. Simon Fan &
Dr. Hon-kwong Lui
The Effect of Trade on Wage Inequality: The Hong Kong Case, 2003 Prof. Lok-sang Ho,
Dr. Xiangdong Wei &
Wai-chung Wong
Institutional Disarticulation: The Changing Educational Governance in Post-Handover Hong Kong, 2003 Dr. Anita Y. K. Poon  &
Dr. Yiu-chung Wong
The Role of Non-judicial Mechanisms in Protecting Individual Rights: The China and Hong Kong Experiences, 2003 Dr. Yue Ren
US-Japan Relations: Convergence and Divergence in the Post-September 11 World, 2003 Dr. Brian Bridges
Education Reform in HK: The Ideal versus the Reality about Competition, 2003 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
On the Equivalence of the Noncooperative and Cooperative Solutions in a Two-Person Game, 2003 Dr. Yue Ma
Competition Policy in East Asia: The Cases of Japan, People's Republic of China, and Hong Kong, 2002 Dr. Ping Lin
Spillover Effects of FDI on Innovation in China: An Analysis of Provincial Data, 2002 Dr. Kui-yin Cheung  &
Dr. Ping Lin
Do China and Hong Kong Constitute An Optimum Currency Area?, 2002 Dr. Yue Ma &
Prof. Shu-ki Tsang
Education Reform: An Economic Perspective, 2002 Prof. Lok Sang Ho
R&D in China and the Implications for Industrial Restructuring, 2002 Dr. Ping Lin
Competition Policy under Laissez-faireism: Market Power and Its Treatment in Hong Kong, 2002 Prof. Edward K. Y. Chen & Dr. Ping Lin
Downstream R&D, Raising Rivals' Costs, and Input Price Contract, 2001 Dr. Samiran Banerjee &
Dr. Ping Lin
Strategic Spin-Offs, 2001 Dr. Ping Lin
The World Currency Unit: Can it Work? 2001 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Health Care Financing and Delivery in Hong Kong: What Should Be Done, 2001 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Realistic Exchange Rates: A Post-Asian Financial Crisis Perspective, 2001 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
A Two-wave Trend Study of Organizational Climate and Psychological Distress among General and Psychiatric Nurses in Hong Kong, 2000 Dr. Oi-ling Siu
The Political Economy of Hong Kong SAR's Fiscal Policy, 2000 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Safety Climate and Employee Health Among Blue Collar Workers in Hong Kong and China: Age and Gender Differences, 2000 Dr. Oi-ling Siu, 
Dr. Ian Donald, 
Prof. David R. Phillips &
Mr. Billy Kwok-hung She
A Case Study of Economic Ecology: The Hong Kong Economy's   Plunge into a Deep Recession in 1998, 2000 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Globalization and Sino-American Economic Relations, 2000 Prof. C. Fred Bergsten
Corporatism and Civil Society in the People's Republic of China: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Implications, 2000 Dr. Wong Yiu-chung &
Dr. Chan Che-po
Structural Transformation and Economic Growth in Hong Kong: Another Look at Young's  "A Tale of Two Cities", 2000 Dr. Hiroyuki Imai
Hong Kong's Inflation under the U.S. Dollar Peg: The Balassa-Samuelson Effect or the Dutch Disease? 1999 Dr. Hiroyuki Imai
A Structural Equation Model of Environmental Attitude and Behaviour: The Hong Kong Experience, 1999 Dr. Oi-ling Siu &
Dr. Kui-yin Cheung
Health Care Delivery and Financing: in Search of an Ideal Model: Reflections on the Harvard Report, 1999 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Testing for a Nonlinear Relationship among Fundamentals and Exchange Rates in the ERM, 1999  Dr. Yue Ma &
Dr. Angelos Kanas
R & D Incentives in Vertically Related Industries, 1999  Dr. Samiran Banerjee &
Dr. Ping Lin
Implementing Efficient Allocations in a Model of Financial Intermediation, 1999 Prof. Edward J. Green &
Dr. Ping Lin
Towards a New International Monetary Order: The World Currency Unit and the Global Indexed Bond, 1999 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
A Theory of Health and Health Policy, 1998 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
The Labor Income Tax Equivalent of Price Scissors in Pre-Reform China, 1998 Dr. Hiroyuki Imai
The Cause of the Enlargement of Income Disparities in China (in Chinese), 1998 Prof. Zhao Renwei &
Prof. Li Shi
An Estimate of the Welfare Cost of Protection in China (in Chinese), 1998 Prof. Zhang Shuguang
The Rise and Fall of the HK Economy, 1998 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Political Impacts of Catholic Education in Decolonization: Hong Kong and Macau, 1998 Dr. Beatrice Leung 
The Paradox of Hong Kong as a Non-Sovereign International Actor, 1998 Prof. James C. Hsiung
Poverty Policy in Hong Kong: Western Models and Cultural Divergence, 1998 Dr. William Lee &
Prof. John Edwards
New World Order and a New U.S. Policy Toward China, 1998 Prof. James C. Hsiung
Coping with Contagion: Europe and the Asian Economic Crisis, 1998 Dr. Brian Bridges
Urbanization in Sha Tin and Tuen Mun - Problems and Coping Strategies, 1998 Mr. Hong-kin Kwok &
Mr. Shing-tak Chan
Symbolic Boundaries and Middle Class Formation in Hong Kong, 1998 Ms. Annie H. N. Chan
The Nature of Optimal Public Policy, 1998 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Interpreting the Basic Law with Chinese Characteristics, 1998 Prof. James C. Hsiung
Teaching Social Science in the East Asian Context, 1997 Prof. William T. Liu
Estimating British Workers’ Demand for Safety, 1997 Dr. Xiangdong Wei
Restructuring the Party/state Relations: China's   Political Structural Reform in the 1980s, 1997 Dr. Yiu-chung Wong
A Long Term Monetary Strategy for Hong Kong and China, 1997 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
Country of Origin Rules: Its Origin, Nature and Directions for Reform, 1997 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
The Value of Time and the Interaction of the Quantity & the Quality of Children, 1997 Dr. Chengze Simon Fan
How to Help the Rehabilitated Drug Abusers Not to Relapse to Drugs Again? A Successful Case - Hong Kong, 1997 Dr. Wai-kin Che
Positive Effects of Modernization on Later Life, 1997 Dr. Kenneth W. K. Law
A Model of Human Nature and Personal Development, 1997 Prof. Lok-sang Ho
A Study of Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction, and Quitting Intention in Hong Kong Firms: The Role of Locus of Control and Organizational Commitment, 1997 Ms. Oi-ling Siu
Electoral Cleavages and the Post-1997 Hong Kong's Political Dynamics, 1997 Dr. Pang-kwong Li
Old Ally Versus New Friend: China's  Economic Relations with the Two Koreas, 1997 Dr. Brian Bridges
Income Protection and the Elderly: An Examination of Social Security Policy in Singapore, 1997 Dr. William Keng-mun Lee
Overseas Chinese and Foreign Investment in China: An Application of the Transaction Cost Approach, 1997 Dr. C. Simon Fan
China - Taiwan's  Trade and Investment Relations and their Impact on Taiwan's  Income Distribution, 1997 Dr. K. C. Lei
Hong Kong's  Outward Processing Investment in China: Its Implications on Hong Kong Economy, 1997 Dr. Kui-yin Cheung
Export Competition Among China and ASEAN in the US Market: Application of Market Share Models, 1997 Dr. Thomas J. Voon &
Dr. Xiangdong Wei
China and the Prospects for Economic Integration within APEC, 1997 Prof. Y. Y. Kueh
Hedonic Pricing for Prawn and Shrimp in the Philippines, 1996 Dr. Thomas Voon
Impacts of Foreign Policies on the Gains from Research and Promotion, 1996 Dr. Thomas Voon
Political Pragmatism on the Chinese Campus since 1989, 1996 Dr. Che-po Chan
Wage Subsidies as a Labour Market Policy Tool, 1996 Dr. Lok-sang Ho
Occupational Stress Among Factory Workers in Hong Kong and China: A Comparison Study, 1996 Ms. Oi-ling Siu
Public Policy on Local Administration in Hong Kong: Past, Present and Future, 1996 Dr. Yiu-chung Wong
Institutional Foundations for a Just Society, 1996 Dr. Lok-sang Ho
Export Competitiveness of China and ASEAN in the US Market, 1996 Dr. Thomas Voon
The Role of Hong Kong in Sino-US Economic Relations, 1996 Prof. Y.Y. Kueh &
Dr. Thomas Voon
China's  Road to Exchange Rate Liberalisation, 1996 Dr. Lok-sang Ho
A Universal Fully-funded Pension Scheme, 1996 Dr. Lok-sang Ho
Stress at Work, Coping, and Workers’ Health of an Acquired Firm in Hong Kong, 1996 Ms. Oi-ling Siu
Explaining China's Business Cycles, 1996 Dr. Hiroyuki Imai
Congestion Pricing and Public Transport, 1995 Dr. Lok-sang Ho &
Mr. Wing-chung Pun
Growth-Inflation Tradeoff in China, 1995 Dr. Hiroyuki Imai
Initial Human Capital Distribution and Long Run Income Distribution, 1995 Dr. C. Simon Fan
A Model of Intergenerational Transfers Based on "Evolutionary" Altruism, 1995 Dr. C. Simon Fan
Occupational Stress among School Teachers: A Review of Research Findings Relevant to Policy Formation, 1995 Ms. Oi-ling Siu
Reducing Moral Hazard in Deposit Insurance: A Policy Instrument for Generating Regulatory Information, 1995 Dr. C. Simon Fan
The Division of Labor, Product Quality, and the Pattern & the Dynamic Effect of International Trade, 1995 Dr. C. Simon Fan
Kim Jong-il and the Future of North Korea, 1995 Dr. Brian Bridges
The Fifth Dragon: Aspects of the Economic Take-off in Guangdong Province, China, 1994 Prof. Y.Y. Kueh
Decreasing Cost and Profit Maximization in Cournot Duopoly Models, 1994 Dr. Kai-cheong Lei
The Political Development of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Since the Late 1970s: Problems and Prospects, 1994 Mr. Yiu-chung Wong
Industrial Deregulation and Economic Restructuring in China: A GATT Perspective, 1994 Prof. Y.Y. Kueh
North Korean Nuclear Weapons Policy: An Expected Utility Analysis, 1994 Dr. David Newman &
Dr. Brian Bridgesr
Economic Integration Within Greater China: Trade and Investment Flows Between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (Published in The China Quarterly No. 136, Dec 1993, pp. 771-745) Dr. Robert F. Ash &
Prof. Y.Y. Kueh
Whither Hong Kong in an Open-Door, Reforming Chinese Economy? (Published in The Pacific Review (London), Vol. 6 No.4, Dec 1993, pp. 333-351 Mr. Y.P. Ho &
Prof. Y.Y. Kueh
Social Inequality in Singapore: A Dual Economy Approach, 1993 Dr. William K.M. Lee
A Few Issues on China's First Securities Law (in Chinese, 1993) Prof. Li Yining
Growth into a market economy: The "Incremental Approach" in China, 1993 Dr. Fan Gang