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Economic Issue of the Day





Economic Issue of the Day is one of a series of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) to help in enlightening the public and other interested parties on the concepts behind certain economic issues.
EID 2017 Vol. XVII No.2 The Triple Burden of Disease, July 2017
EID 2017 Vol. XVII No.1 The Rise of Collaborative Economy in the Philippines, June 2017
EID 2016 Vol. XVI No.2 Diving Into the Blue Economy December 2016
EID 2016 Vol. XVI No.1 Mergers and Acquisitions: Do They Hinder Competition? December 2016
EID 2015 Vol. XV No.4 Global Value Chains, December 2015
EID 2015 Vol. XV No.3 Bridging the Knowledge Gap through Open Access, December 2015
EID 2015 Vol. XV No.2 Mutual Recognition Arrangements: Smoothing the Path for "Freer" Flow of Professional Workers in the ASEAN, December 2015
EID 2015 Vol. XV No.1 Bottom-up Budgeting: People's Participation at Work, July 2015
EID 2014 Vol. XIV No.2 Amending the Economic Provisions of the 1987 Constitution, December 2014
EID 2014 Vol. XIV No.1 Minimum Wage: Should it be the Weapon of Choice for Inclusive Growth? September 2014
EID 2013 Vol. XIII No.2 The ASEAN Economic Community, August 2013
EID 2013 Vol. XIII No.1 Sovereign Credit Ratings, May 2013
EID 2012 Vol. XII No.2 Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education Program: Opportunities and Challenges, December 2012
EID 2012 Vol. XII No.1 Public-Private Partnership, March 2012
EID 2011 Vol. XI No.2 Food Security, December 2011
EID 2011 Vol. XI No.1 Am I in the Labor Force? Definition and Measurement of Basic Concepts, January 2011
EID 2010 Vol. X No.2 The Janus Face of Price Controls, February 2010
EID 2010 Vol. X No.1 The Flying Geese Model of Regional Development, February 2010
EID 2009 Vol. IX No.2 Purchasing Power Parity: Understanding the Law of One Price, December 2009
EID 2009 Vol. IX No.1 Transformational Branchless Banking: Blazing New Trails in Delivering Financial Services, November 2009
EID 2008 Vol. VIII No.4 and 5 Diaspora: Explaining a Modern Filipino Phenomenon, December 2008
EID 2008 Vol. VIII No.2 and 3 What Caused the Global Financial Crisis of 2008? November 2008
EID 2008 Vol. VIII No.1 Summing Up: Some Basic Poverty Notes, July 2008
EID 2007 Vol. VII No.4 Targeting: Reaching the Poor, July 2007
EID 2007 Vol. VII No.3 Conditional Cash Transfers: Social Assistance and Human Development Combined, June 2007
EID 2007 Vol. VII No.2 The Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JEPA), April 2007 (Bilingual)
EID 2007 Vol. VII No.1 Knowing when El Niño/La Niña Is here, January 2007
EID 2006 Vol. VI No.7 Productivity: Putting the Use of Resources at their Best, October 2006
EID 2006 Vol. VI No.6 The GNP and GDP: Understanding their Scope and Measurement, September 2006
EID 2006 Vol. VI No.5 Call Center: a Sunrise Industry? August 2006
EID 2006 Vol. VI No.4 The Avian Flu and Its Implications, July 2006
EID 2006 Vol. VI No.3 Exchange Rate (Peso), April 2006
EID 2006 Vol. VI No.2 Forming a Government: Parliamentary vs. Presidential System, February 2006
EID 2006 Vol. VI No.1 VAT and the Expanded VAT Law, January 2006
EID 2005 Vol. V No.2 Basics on Philippine Climatology
EID 2005 Vol. V No.1 Understanding the ENSO Phenomenon and Its Implications
EID 2004 Vol. IV No.1 Budget Deficit
EID 2002 Vol. III No.1 The Command and Control Approach
EID 2001 Vol. II No.3 “Polluter Pays” Principle
EID 2001 Vol. II No.2 Competition Policy: Why Does it Matter? Second of Two Parts)
EID 2001 Vol. II No.1 Competition: What Is It All About? (First of Two Parts)
EID 2000 Vol. 1 No.4 World Trade Organization (Second of two parts)
EID 2000 Vol. 1 No.3 World Trade Organization (First of Two Parts)
EID 2000 Vol. 1 No.2 Oil Deregulation
EID 2000 Vol. 1 No.1 Inflation

Source: Philippine Institute for Development Studies