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2005 Human Resources Development Working Group





  27th Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting
20-24 Jun 2005, Pattaya, Thailand
  Draft Agenda: HRDWG

Draft Agenda: Capacity Building Network

Draft Agenda: Education Network

Draft Agenda: Labour and Social Protection Network

APEC e-Learning Training Program

APEC Symposium on Open Source and Open Course for e-Learning

A Collaborative Study on Innovations for Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Different Cultures Among the Five APEC Member Economies: Japan, Korea, Russia, Viet Nam, and Thailand

Colloquium on the Future of Educational Assessment: East Meets West

International Seminar on Best Practices in Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning

UNU-APEC Education Network Invitation Programme on Education for Sustainable Development

APEC Vocational Training Project in Cooperation with Enterprises

APEC Forum on Human Resources Development 2004: In-House Training and the Support of Government

APEC HRD Seminar/Training Programme on the Adoption of IT

Sustainable Economic Development and Youth Employment - Vocational Training Policies for the Youth

APEC About Learning Each Other Project

The APEC Education Portal, Knowledge Bank of Policy and Practice, And EDNET Business Site

APEC e-Learning Strategic Plan Development

APEC e-Learning Strategic Plan Development: Final Report

APEC 2004 International Youth Camp: Final Report

Best Practices Guidelines for Fostering A Lifelong Learning Society: Final Report

Training the Trainers Program on Social Safety Net Capacity Building

APEC Learning Standards for English and Other Languages

Workforce Retraining Through Digital English Instruction Media

Best Practice Governance Education Policy and Service Delivery

Forum on Trade In Education Services, Australia - APEC Participation

The APEC Architect

Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation Systems in the APEC Region

APEC Education Hubs and APEC Scholarships for Study at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

APEC Secretariat Report on APEC Developments

Symposium on "Policy Responses to Retention, Return and Circulation of Skilled Migration Among APEC Member Economies"

Seminar on "Maximising the Potential of Older Workforce"

New Corporate Procurement Strategy under Regional Integration (FTA) - Supply Chain Options with CSR Perspective

Training of Trainers in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Approach for Business snd Management Education

Report of the APEC Education Foundation

Combating Child Labour Through Education and Training: Best Practices of Thailand

ESC's Input for the Strategic Action Plan for English and Other Languages in the APEC Region

Newcomers' Orientation

Enhanced Risk Management System in the APEC Region: Toward Establishing Effective Corporate Governance

Capacity Building for Recycling-Based Economy (RBE) in APEC

Seminar on Bringing Research Ideas to Market

Report on Activities 2004-2005

Reports on Survey of APEC Members and Their Participation in the APEC HRDWG

A Report on Combination Program Between APEC Youth Skill Camp and World Skills Competition

APEC Learning Community for Shared Prosperity

APEC Cyber Education Network (ACEN)

APEC Future Education Consortium: Focusing on APEC Network of ICT Model Schools for Future Education

The Integration of Gender Concerns in the Thai Economy

An APEC Business Schools Network (ABSN): Phase 1 - A Kick-Off Meeting Involving Interested Business Schools in the APEC Region, and Other Parties

Future Directions: Education Policymakers and Researchers Working Together

Strategic Plan for English and Other Language Learning

A Progress Report APEC Vocational Training Program

A Workshop on Mutual Recognition of Qualifications: Enhancing HR Competitiveness in the APEC Region

New HRD Projects

Facilitation of Coordination on Cross-Cutting Issues Facing SMEWG and HRDWG

Speech by Ambassador Tran Trong Toan

Theme and Priorities of APEC 2005

Summary Report - HRDWG

Summary Report - Capacity Building Network

Summary Report - Education Network

Summary Report - Labour and Social Protection Network



Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation