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2006 Human Resources Development Working Group





  28th Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting
22-26 May 2006, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
  Draft Annotated Agenda

Draft Agenda: Capacity Building Network

Draft Agenda: Education Network Meeting

Draft Agenda: Labour and Social Protection Network Meeting

Labour Relations in Thailand

Progress Report: Seminar on Bringing Research Ideas to Market

Progress Report: Higher Education Quality Assurance in the APEC Region

Vocational Education and Training (VET) For the Youth Sustainable Economic Growth And Youth Employment

Progress Report: A Collaborative Study on Innovations for Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Different Cultures among the APEC Member Economies

Best Practices on HIV/AIDS Management in the Workplace

Workplace Responses to HIV/AIDS: The SMARTWork Experience and APEC

Progress Report: Symposium on "Brain Circulation and Diaspora Option: Policy Responses for Migration of Skilled Workers Among APEC Member Economies"

Theme for 28th APEC HRD Working Group -HRD and Innovation

Progress Report: APEC Education Hubs Project

The APEC Forum on Human Resources Development 2006 "Vocational Education and Training(VET) for the Youth" - Self-Funded (LSPN)

APEC Future Education Consortium: Focusing on APEC Network of ICT Model Schools for Future Education

The APEC Forum on Human Resources Development 2006 "Increasing Vital Role of Enterprises in Human Resources Development" - Self-Funded (LSPN)

APEC Human Resources Development :Seminar/Training Programme on the Adoption of IT - Self-Funded (LSPN)

APEC Vocational Training Project in Cooperation with Enterprises - Self-Funded (LSPN)

2006 APEC Secretariat Report on APEC Developments

Progress Report: APEC Learning Community for Shared Prosperity

Progress Report: APEC e-Learning Training Program

Progress Report: Capacity Building For the New International Architecture in Trade and Investment

Newcomers' Orientation

The Right to Basic Education as a Fundamental Human Right and the Legal Framework for its Financing

Evaluation Report: Capacity Building for Recycling-Based Economy (RBE) in APEC (CBN)

Evaluation Report: Enhanced Risk Management System in the APEC Region: Toward Establishing Effective Corporate Governance (CBN)

Progress Report on APEC LSPN Project 2005

HRDWG Capacity Building Network - Report on Activities 2005-2006

Speech by APEC Secretariat Executive Director

Progress Report - Workforce Retraining Through Digital English Instruction Media for SMEs

Report of the APEC Education Foundation

Progress Report - APEC Learning Standards for English and Other Languages

APEC 2006 Theme, Sub-themes and Priorities

Notes on the "Innovation and HRD" Theme

Evaluation Report: Colloquium on the Future of Educational Assessment: East Meets West

A Progress Report APEC Vocational Training Program

Progress Report: E-Language Research Consortium

EDNET Website and Knowledge Bank

Vietnam's Education in the Transitional Period

Improving Training and Employment Opportunities for Youth

APEC Education Network Summary Report Twenty-second Meeting, May 24-25, 2006, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Report of the Meeting of the Capacity Building Network

Labor and Social Protection Network Meeting, May 24-25, 2006 - Chair's Report

2006 - 2007 Workplan: HRDWG Labour and Social Protection Network

Chair's Report



Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation