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About International Information Services






International Information Services (IIS) is a global, academically driven scholarly service provider committed to the rapid dissemination of academic research. IIS partners with leading institutional publishers and peer reviewed e-journals to distribute, index, and archive their content. IIS works with newer e-journals to help them realize their potential. We have been peer recognized for providing top quality content.

Our objective is to provide new models for efficient and cost effective distribution of quality research. International Information Servicesí worldwide customer base consists of major libraries and researchers in universities, institutions, corporations, and government. Support is offered with multi-lingual support staff on 24-hour availability from 2 centers on opposite sides of the globe, 6 days a week.

Users play a vital role in the development and improvement of our services. We welcome and reward user ideas, and we rely on customers to test new ideas and services. We invite your comments at help@asia-studies.com.