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About Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore









The  Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) is a Singapore think-tank dedicated to fostering good governance in Singapore through strategic policy research and discussion.  It is the only think-tank in the nation that focuses on Singapore’s domestic developments and her external relations.  It takes a multi-disciplinary approach in the analysis of Singapore-centric issues, with an emphasis on long-term strategic thinking.  IPS began operations in 1988.

The institute is governed by a Board of high ranking Singapore government officials, directors of multi-national businesses, and leaders of academic institutions. 

The mission of the IPS is:

  • Analysis: To analyse policy issues of critical concern to Singapore and contribute to policy development

  • Bridge-building: To build bridges among diverse stakeholders, including government, business, academia and civil society; and

  • Communication: To communicate research findings to a wider community and generate a greater awareness of policy issues

Publishing plays a major part in accomplishing this mission, as IPS:

  • undertakes research projects and generates publications; and

  • organises conferences, lectures, closed-door discussions and executive briefings

IPS Publications, studies, speeches and conference papers represent an authoritative Singaporean view point of domestic, regional, and international affairs.

For further information, please visit the IPS website.