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2005 Industrial Science and Technology Working Group





  29th Industrial Science & Technology Working Group Meeting
27-28 Oct 2005, Singapore

Building Considerations of Sustainable Development into APEC-ISTWG Project Management

Sub Group A Report "Human Resources Capacity Building"

Facilitating Mobility, Learning & Education in the KBE: 2006 ART Program

Progress Report - Seminar for the Development of Standardized Methods of Materials Testing and Round Robin Tests (RRTs)

APEC Climate Center (APCC) for Climate Information Services

Participation of Women and Ethnic Communities in the Science and Technology Workforce

Summary Report on APEC - EqTAP Seminar on Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Reduction

Database on R&D Internationalization in Industrial Sector among APEC Member Economies

APEC Secretariat Report

Sub-Group B Chair Report

Sub-Group A Side Meeting

Project Clean Aqua - Final Report

APEC Project Proposal - Clean Aqua


Progress of AME ISTWG

Procedures for the Use of the AME Frameworks

The Four Frameworks

APEC Communications

Sub-Group C Side Meeting Report

Side Meeting Report - APEC Center for Technology Foresight

Side Meeting Report Green Electronics

  Industrial Science & Technology Working Group
15-17 Mar 2005, Gwangju Korea
  Agenda (Annex B)

APEC-Youth Technology Innovation Collaboration (TIC100) Conference

Sustainable Development Framework for Investment

APEC Climate Center for Climate Information Services: PPT

Virtual International Molecular Biology Laboratory (eIMBL)

ASTWeb Administrator for 2005 and Beyond

Date and Venue for the 29th and 30th Meeting

Next Lead Shepherd (2006-2007)

Role of Subgroup C: Connecting Research and Innovation

Subgroup A Report

APEC Forum on Economy Globalization and Business Incubators

Report on Side Meeting 1 - Annex F

Report on Side Meeting 2 - Annex G

Report on Side Meeting 4 - Annex H

Report on Side Meeting 5 & 7 - Annex I

Report on Side Meeting 6 - Annex J

Report on Side Meeting 8 - Annex K

APEC Secretariat Report - Annex C

Statement (Indonesia) - Annex D

Science Centres and Museums - Annex E

The Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) Process - Annex L

LSIF and its Strategic Plan - Annex M

Science Centre - Impact Project

The Promotion of Green Supply Chain in Response to the Restrictions of Chemicals on Electronic Products

Summary Record

Participants List - Annex A

Subgroup B - Report



Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation