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Volume 10 No. 2





Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs
Volume 10 No. 2 Summer 2010: Introduction
Greater China


South East Asia
Book Reviews
  • Singapore
    Mark Ravinder Frost & Yu-mei Balasingamchow
    Daniel Clayton Greer
  • Arts of Ancient Viet Nam
    Nancy Tingley
    Theresa Yacong Wang
  • Mediasphere Shanghai
    Alexander Des Forges
    Lucy (Lu) Yang
  • One World of Welfare
    Gregory J. Kasza
    John Wu
  • The Snow Lion and the Dragon
    Melvyn C. Goldstein
    Victor Liu
  • The Rise and Fall of Guangzhouĺs Red Flag Faction
    Li˙ Guˇkǎi
    Fei Yan

Source: Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs